Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hood

You may have noticed that I have been suspiciously quiet in the blogosphere. It's mostly because we have been without internet for several weeks (the horror!). We got it up and running today so I look forward to ramping up the blog posting! For now I just wanted to say that life is looking up. I am loving our new place, loving the new neighborhood, loving the summertime and loving having responsible tenants in our house (except for the part where our garage door comes crashing down on them about once a month, but I digress...).

I was out garage saleing the other morning and saw this sign taped to a street sign at the top of our street.

And I kind of had to laugh.

Really hard.

And here it is several weeks later and the sign is still there. I wonder what DVD it is...and more importantly, where it's at!


Stefanie Miller said...

I wondered where you were! On the blog world that is. Good to have you back, and I look forward to more!

Jill Bowcutt said...

I bet that was a good several weeks! I kinda, sorta, wish we didn't have a computer for a few weeks. It would be good and bad ya know? Glad things are looking up for you. We are fixin to head to Austin this fall to go camping. Know any good spots? Want me to check on your house?

P.S. Texas is bloody hot.