Thursday, July 31, 2008

Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog

Count Chocula

Count Chocula is really the only vampire that I love. Maybe the count on Sesame street, kind of. So what is with all of this Twilight business? I know, let the stone throwing commence, but really I don't get it. I read the book, the first one. It was .....okay. It took me a ghastly week to read (most people I have heard of read it in a matter of hours) and it kind of bothered me that I wasn't really into it but I had to finish it because once you start a book you have to finish it (that's a rule).

I kind of feel like I am going to be excommunicated from the society of Mormon women though, you know? I am not addicted, I heard there is a movie coming out but the date isn't circled on my calendar and I probably won't ever see it. Don't plan on reading the other books. Haven't given Edward a mere thought since I closed the book. What the freak is wrong with me??

So really, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who are obsessed with Twilight and those who do not understand the obsession. Which camp are you on? And since I am guessing that I know which camp you are on, can we still be friends even though I am on the other camp? And please, explain to me what the craze is all about.... maybe I can give it another chance or something.


I am sure you all care about my dietary distress, but I have to tell you....

Texas sheet cake has sounded SO good for about the last month. Last night I couldn't take it anymore and made a whole sheetcake. I was so excited. It took me forever by the time it cooled down and stuff. Anyway, finally I had just one tiny piece of sheetcake and went to bed.

Three minutes later

Well, lets just say the Zofran failed me.

What the heck? You can't crave something for a month and then just lose it like that. LAME.

Well, at least now I don't crave it anymore.

Everybody's doing it....

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What kind of blogger are you?

Okay, so when you read a blog do you....

a) read your google reader feed

b) read the post and the comments and maybe leave a comment

c) read the post and the comments and then go back to read additional comments/ responses to comments

I'm just curious because I read the blog post and whatever comments are there when I comment, but then I see some people respond to their readers comments, so I am thinking- am I supposed to go back and check for their response? I don't respond to comments, in case you are wondering, well sometimes I do but for your convenience I do it in an e-mail. Unless it is something I think needs to be general known, like today I commented on my own thing that no, I don't really think HP will bubble into your brain and kill you. That kind of thing. Anyway, carry on, just curious.

La Oreja de Van Gogh

Remember the wicked earache I was battling? The good news is that the earache is gone, the bad news is that it left me half deaf. That's right, I am getting nothing at all in my left ear. It's kind of like how after you go swimming and you have water in your ear and it is really annoying for like five minutes but then you hear a pop and the pressure is gone and all is well in the world; except its lasted two days and no relief yet.

The internet is full of wise guys who will tell you to dump all sorts of nonsense into your ear. Olive oil. Castor Oil. Vinegar. Alcohol. And my personal favorite hydrogen peroxide. Is it just me or does dumping hydrogen peroxide in your ear seem a little.....precarious. I don't have a lot of experience with hydrogen peroxide but in my mind it seems similar to, say, acid. Yes, dump acid in your ear. The ear seems too dangerously close to the brain to dump acid into. And so even though I was tempted to dig my eardrum out of my head with a spoon I still had enough sense to not dump hydrogen peroxide, or acid, in my ear. So did I go with the safest bet, olive oil? Nah. What would that do? Besides make the boys go wild (Did you hear about the bacon scented candles, ew.). Alcohol, now that kind of made sense. If there is water in the ear the alcohol would evaporate it up with itself. Genius.

Now, I dare you, go drop a few drops of alcohol in your ear. I'll wait....

Do it.

Wimp. I'll spare you the expense and tell you, it hurts like h-e-doublehockeysticks. Seriously. What kind of idiot puts alcohol in their ears (besides me?). My internet buddies, the sages of all wisdom, have seriously let me down on this one.

So I'll keep walking around head banging and whacking my ear with a spoon and all those sorts of sensical things. Actually it feels quite a bit better today, thank heavens. I was worried there for a while.

And the other good news? Zofran rocks.

I'll keep trying to do something blog worthy, I am totally stumped though. I am confined to my house since it is about the billionth day of temperatures over a hundred degrees. I am stuck in the confines of my air conditioned cozy house :) I'll emerge once the mercury dips below eighty!

See you in November!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alive and kicking. Eh, well at least alive!

My apologies for the lack of blogging lately, hopefully things can get going again when my second trimester begins. I think I did a lot of bargaining/praying that if I could just be healthy for my vacation I would be happy; I forgot that that might mean I would get incredibly sick within hours of getting home, yikes!

The good news is that the baby is still in there, I heard his/her heartbeat today. It came with much relief as I felt really guilty after visiting Disneyland that I had decided to go on most of the rides. It was a tough decision, but in my opinion, if you are strong enough to come to earth despite a couple different prevention methods, you are strong enough to survive a few plunges on splash mountain. Turns out to be true. Phew. Lest you leave me comments that I am a lunatic for putting the fetus in harms way I have to note that at the time it was the size of a black bean, and I took lots of extra precautions, like bracing myself extra hard with my feet. To be honest the scariest thing was when I got in the flume for splash mountain and some ding dong had dumped out their french fries and chicken strips in there. Joy, a five minute ride smelling moldy, soggy french fries --- that is more dangerous to a pregnant woman than the ride itself ;)

The only ride that I kind of felt guilty about going on was Indiana Jones (Best. Ride. Ever.), but after I saw Indiana Jones in person I felt obligated (who knew Indiana Jones was so good looking in real life).

I did not go on California Screaming or Tower of Terror (thank goodness). I did go on my personal tower of terror, the Ferris wheel. What a scary ride. I think I must be the only one who thinks so. Or at least I was the only one screaming my head off for the duration of the twenty minute ride!

To answer the stroller question, I have a definite answer for you......DOUBLE JOGGER! That is totally what you should take! Is that what I took? No. Did I also forget the sunshade for my stroller? Yes. Was it miserable? Pretty much. Bentley couldn't recline and my makeshift sunshade (umbrella and duct tape) did more damage than good. So please, for the love, take your double jogger. Your kids will be able to sleep, they'll have a good spot for the parade and life will be happy and good.

So this is like the most boring post ever, but just wanted you to know I am hanging in there. Hanging onto the rim of a toilet seat, but hanging in there. This kid better be awesome.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Assuming we don't lose your bags"

Do you remember that jingle?

"Delta you'll kinda like the way we fly, when we do, assuming we don't lose your bags...."

(it wasn't a delta jingle, it was for SouthWest or something)

Well, I have never ever had a lost bag and I have always flown delta. Today though, TWO lost carseats. I know it must be annoying and all to lose your bag, but really, your carseats? That's got to be worse.

Other than that my flight went well. Well, except for getting off the plane. We were the last ones on the plane, Gwen wouldn't put on her shoes, etc. When I finally got both carry-ons slung about my shoulder, Bentley in my arms and Gwen attached to my hand I thought I had it made. I guess my bag was facing the wrong way or something because I got stuck on every row of seats and due to lack of hands couldn't really do anything about it besides use all my strength to get unstuck - every eight inches on every set of chairs.

Seriously though, it is nice to be home, sad to be gone from Utah, and is anyone going to Costco, like, tomorrow? Blaine spent $120 on groceries last week and I just learned that half of that was on various cheeses and pepperonis/sausages. Not a fruit or vegetable to be seen. :) Gotta love him.

More later!

"Assuming we don't lose your bags"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

False Idols

Sorry to break my little blog hiatus, but I just had to share my brush with fame. Today we were riding Trax downtown to go do a little siteseeing. I happened to look out the window on one of the first downtown stops and saw......David Cook. Yes, your very own American Idol. I was so flabergasted that I couldn't get anyone elses attention before he walked away. And I know you are thinking "why would David Cook be in Salt Lake City?" and my answer to that is that the American Idol tour is here today, and was here yesterday (which I didn't even know at the time of the siteing). Don't dwell on things too much like "Why would David Cook be riding public transportation?" and " Where were the rest of the American Idols" and stuff like that. Just take my word for it. I saw him, and he looked a little pudgier in real life and his hair was a new weird color, but definitely him. Minus the security detail. Minor details.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Now that my feet are planted firmly on the ground I can finally enjoy my vacation! Yes, the flight went just fine. I was nervous, as anticipated, and I was non medicated, which was not anticipated. I did, however, have a three year old who I felt like would deal better with a plane ride if her mother was not sobbing prior to boarding so that helped.

As we walked in to the plane we passed the captain and I just had to double check to make sure he thought we would be safe. He assured me we would be fine. I thanked him, on behalf of my nervous toddler (poor Gwen, always the scapegoat), and Gwen and I each got a pair of wings to wear.

The flight was smooth and uneventful (thank goodness!), except that Bentley had a dirty diaper. I don't think plane designers anticipate that happening.

I cried when I could see the mountains out of the plane window....I AM HOME! It is so nice to feel embraced by mountains, protected from the world. I don't know, I feel so exposed in Texas! It is also nice to take a break from being in charge. It's nice to let Blaine's parents be the bosses and I can just sit back and be a kid again, well a kid that is in charge of two other kids, but at least I am not having to worry about mortgages and sprinkler systems (oh crap....can someone go water my lawn?).

I am loving it. I don't want to go back to Texas. Ever. So if I never come back, I will miss you Texans!

We are in Anaheim this morning getting ready to visit the happiest place on earth. I'm excited except for the fact that Bentley has given up on sleeping (ever) and Gwen has been in a perpetual bad mood (also due to sleep and sugar overload I think). So I am nervous. Oh yes, and we forgot the sunshade for our stroller, what a dumb thing to forget. That is going to be miserable.

Anyway, just a quick update to say I'm alive and I don't have to fly again for almost three weeks!