Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Now that my feet are planted firmly on the ground I can finally enjoy my vacation! Yes, the flight went just fine. I was nervous, as anticipated, and I was non medicated, which was not anticipated. I did, however, have a three year old who I felt like would deal better with a plane ride if her mother was not sobbing prior to boarding so that helped.

As we walked in to the plane we passed the captain and I just had to double check to make sure he thought we would be safe. He assured me we would be fine. I thanked him, on behalf of my nervous toddler (poor Gwen, always the scapegoat), and Gwen and I each got a pair of wings to wear.

The flight was smooth and uneventful (thank goodness!), except that Bentley had a dirty diaper. I don't think plane designers anticipate that happening.

I cried when I could see the mountains out of the plane window....I AM HOME! It is so nice to feel embraced by mountains, protected from the world. I don't know, I feel so exposed in Texas! It is also nice to take a break from being in charge. It's nice to let Blaine's parents be the bosses and I can just sit back and be a kid again, well a kid that is in charge of two other kids, but at least I am not having to worry about mortgages and sprinkler systems (oh crap....can someone go water my lawn?).

I am loving it. I don't want to go back to Texas. Ever. So if I never come back, I will miss you Texans!

We are in Anaheim this morning getting ready to visit the happiest place on earth. I'm excited except for the fact that Bentley has given up on sleeping (ever) and Gwen has been in a perpetual bad mood (also due to sleep and sugar overload I think). So I am nervous. Oh yes, and we forgot the sunshade for our stroller, what a dumb thing to forget. That is going to be miserable.

Anyway, just a quick update to say I'm alive and I don't have to fly again for almost three weeks!


Shauna said...

Yay! You did it! Way to face your fear. Stay in Utah. Just stay. I'm sure Blaine can find work somewhere. Right? We'll homeschool together, and I'll teach to you to quilt. :) Have fun at the Happiest Place on Earth. Tell Tigger hi from Spencer. He misses him.

Sheyenne said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Have a great time in Disneyland.

Seth and Sierra said...

Yay for your bravery :) Have fun!!

Kathrin Paul said...

Welcome home!! I wish I was in Disneyland.

Christina said...

When I first moved to UT from flat Chicago, the mountains felt imposing and almost threatening. Now, after several years, the mountains have become friends.

kateworthi said...

I'm so so glad that you're having fun!!! AND your flight was okay - so far, so good right!? I'm excited to hear from you soon. Hope you are feeling well and are enjoying it!

SS Bassett Family said...

Come home to Texas...we need you! Utah and the mountains have friends enough. There just aren't enough solid citizens like the Blaine and Kristi clan in Texas.

Rochelle said...

Wow that coming home comment was about how I felt when I got home from my mission:)

It was great to see you again today and meet your cute little kids. Good Luck with your pregancy - it'll be hard, but you'll make it through:) (It's easy for me to say - I'm not the one pregnant)