Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happily Ever After

Blaine has a big beef with romantic comedies. He thinks they create unrealistic expectations and is certain that no man can ever live up to his fictitious, romantic, spontaneous, thoughtful, flirty, knight in shining armor counter part. So whenever I complain that he never dances with me in the rain, or yadda yadda yadda, he comes back with, "the next time you stop me in the middle of a furious argument and kiss me, that is when I will start dancing in the rain." Apparently the women of romantic comedies are setting unrealistic expectations for us too. Because seriously, I would never EVER kiss anyone in the middle of an argument. EVER. And that does seem to happen a lot in romantic comedies.

Keeping that in mind...

I have a bad habit of dumping glasses of cold water on him when he is in the shower. I think it is a remnant of my girls camp counselor past. Back then it was seen as a token of love when someone would dump cold water on you in the shower-- the bigger the bucket and the colder the water, the more the person respected you. It's true. And so I still get a thrill of sneaking a glass into the bathroom and hearing Blaine's shrieks as I dump the water on him. It gives me a rush.

The other day I had just finished showering, blow drying my hair, putting on my make up, etc. I happened to be wearing my last clean pair of underclothes and my last clean pair of pants (apparently I am on a laundry strike). I took the toothbrushes out of the toothbrush holder and filled it up with water and went in to the shower and dumped the water on Blaine. It was out of love. Really. And it's not like it was even that cold.

To my surprise he chased me down, and while normally I am quick and get out of the area before he can strike back with a cup of his own; this time he caught me. And he didn't dump a cup of water on me. He threw me, all primped and pampered for the day, into the tub, with the shower on. And held me in there. For a long time.

I was drenched.

I was furious.

He said if it were a romantic comedy I would have smothered him with kisses.

So I punched him in the gut and didn't talk to him for four hours.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Mice and Men

One of the major reasons I had hesitations about moving to Texas (besides the fact that I thought it was a barren wasteland) was the whole bug/insect/ROUS(rodents of unusual size) situation. As we were moving in we found a very large cockroachy looking thing on the top of our cupboards. I was sufficiently freaked. I called a pest control company and spent $60 every other month having them come and spray our house. I never saw a bug (except fire ants outside). After my year contract with the pest control people was over I cancelled.

I never did see any bugs inside. Maybe a few spiders, of the very small variety. I was quite pleased. Nor did I ever see any snakes/rodents on my property. Sure I saw a giant opossum crawling into a sewer near Ralphie's house (gag!), and we saw an escaped boa constrictor smooshed to pieces on the road; but those were both far enough away from my place that I always felt pretty safe.

Now, Shauna might tell you otherwise. She found a rattlesnake in her garage. She also had the kind of spiders that, if you smashed them, their million little baby spiders would disperse and take over your house. Jamee just found a snake in her house, Ish saw a copperhead(?) while she was weed whacking, Jamie shot a giant snake in her backyard with a BB gun (girl power!). Oh and of course we can't forget that Chelon has posted no less than four pictures of scorpions she has found in her house during the last few months *shudder*.

But somehow we found a little bug free, critter free, happy little mecca there in Round Rock.

So you can imagine my surprise when, on about our second day here, I opened the closet to see a mouse running around in there. A mouse. In my house. AGH. If you're on facebook you got to hear play by play the whole situation unfold. I had just gotten out of the shower, couldn't get in the closet because of the mouse. Was forced to fashion a toga out of a towel and wear that for the better part of the day.

A few days and several mouse traps later, we had still not seen the mouse again. I was beginning to believe it was nothing but a figment of my imagination. Then one day I heard a shrill womanesque scream come from the bathroom. Blaine saw the mouse. He ran in to make sure that we still had traps set in the closet. Turns out there was a mouse in there too! So now we officially had two mice. What's a woman to do?

It's funny how you can grow accustomed to having rodents fly out at you from closets and corners. The screaming, jumping, and broom thrashing become almost second nature.

It also helps that there are spiders the size of baseballs for you to kill once in a while.

A few weeks pass without a mouse sighting and our upstairs neighbors one day tell us they have seen the mice. I was kind of relieved, thinking maybe they were relocating to just upstairs.

The neighbors bought traps and, brace yourself, within twenty-four hours killed SEVEN mice. SEVEN. If that's not an infestation I don't know what is.

And then we killed another one.

And then nothing for another week.

And then I saw a mouse again yesterday.

And that is what has been going on at this house. Besides the poop. And the PBJs. A whole lot of girly screaming and broom smashing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As my brother would say...


Okay, well not really. When I wrote the post yesterday it wasn't supposed to be a "sike". But really? A new computer? That changes everything.

The reasons for wanting to discontinue the blog were as follows

1- One of our computers has a bad virus and has been rendered unusable. The other is completely full of junk. I can't even put any more pictures on it because it is so full of stuff. Oh and also it is really slow. I wouldn't be surprised if one day I woke up and it only would run in DOS or something. It's dying a sloooooow and painful (for me) death. It's only five years old for crying out loud, but you would think it was a hundred. Oh and also the monitor blinks between regular color and green. Very annoying.

But that wasn't the real reason. The real reason is...

2- My life is pretty much "wake up, give baths, make PBJs, change dirty diapers, give more baths, do laundry of all the poopy clothes, make quesadillas, change more poop, give more baths, wash more clothes." rinse. repeat. Seriously, I don't know if I have mentioned it on here, and it's pretty gross...but Bentley has had explosive diarrhea since mid June. We've been to the doctor a lot, they say he will just grow out of it. But seriously? Four blowouts a day? Four baths a day? Four loads of poopy laundry a day? Doesn't really leave much time for having adventures or....anything. And really, who wants to read about poop? I mean, more than once in a while at least.

It broke my heart to say I was going to stop blogging, but really it had kind of happened already...I just hadn't said anything officially, you know? So it's not as though I was going to completely stop, it was more like I was just going to give you all permission to not check the blog, because more than likely it wouldn't be updated very often. Make sense?

But if I get a new computer....and if you all leave me ideas for something to blog about (besides poop and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches), by all means, I would love nothing more than to keep blogging.

But seriously, in a big rut here. So...go on, give me something to blog about and I will do it.

As soon as the new computer arrives in the mail.

The blog brings me much, much happiness!

P.S. Thanks for the confidence boost. I honestly thought you had all probably given up on me. Knowing I still actually have readers is also kind of motivating.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Grand Finale

Not sure if you've noticed, but my blog has been...well, dying. It's weird that I don't seem to have much to say anymore.

I have absolutely loved writing this blog. It brought me so much happiness. So thank you for reading and for caring. Thanks for laughing with/at me. Thanks mostly for just being a part of my life.

But now I am gracefully stepping out of the blogosphere.

Maybe I will be back to blogging someday, I'm not sure. I'll most certainly let you know if I start up another blog.

But for now...

I'm outta here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You da' man

We were watching home videos today and it happened to be the video of Fathers Day 2008...well, it was a few days before Father's Day and I gave Blaine his gift. I remember wanting to post this video before but not really knowing how. Luckily we have an iphone now and it makes posting videos to YouTube a snap, so um...sorry that it is a year and a half late : )

I can't believe that Ivy is now older than Bentley was when this video was shot.

Hopefully there won't be another video like this anytime soon : )

And sorry about the quality, it's a video of a video, but Blaine's face is priceless...later in the clip (it was getting too long for comfort) he was like "oh man, I thought it was an ipod shuffle!"