Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nasal confusion

Yesterday morning I went outside to feed the dogs. I took a nice big breath of fresh air. It smelled soooo good outside, like someone was bbq-ing sausage for breakfast or something. I noticed some smoke rising from our neighbors patio table area and figured they must be cooking their breakfast out on the grill. She stood up and went to walk inside. I asked what she was making that smelled so dang good. She looked at me puzzedly and held up her hand (with a cigarette in it), "Oh I was just having a smoke"


Really, I swear I don't like the smell of cigarettes. That was pretty embarrassing.

95 % Sure

I am making my official gender prediction right now, and I feel fairly confident that I am correct.


I am basing this solely off the fact that I am crying because it is 10:53AM and McDonalds stops serving breakfast at 11:00AM, and I really, Really, REALLY want a sausage McMuffin. Then I remembered that sausage McMuffins were my saving grace with Bentley. So now I have to hope the craving lasts so I can get up at 4:00AM tomorrow and go get one (we have to leave here at 6 for the airport).

I was kind of hoping for a girl, but I bet Bentley will be pleased that it's a boy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life in Minnesota

Hilarity as promised

This is an excerpt from our weekly letter home during our stint in Minnesota (Jan-Aug 2006)

Saturday we had plans to go to the Mall of America, but since we both
exercised and Gwenie took her nap, etc we didn't get out till later
than we had hoped and ended up only going to the Mall of Rochester
(aka the Apache Mall). Which was not nearly as exciting, though we did
have one fun experience. We were standing in front of Pretzel Time
checking out the prices, the lady in front of us got her order of
pretzel bites (a bunch of pieces of pretzel rather than one big one)
and a drink, she had her things on the counter while she put her
wallet away. I said to Blaine, "mmmm those look good" and Blaine
walked over picked up one of her pretzel bites and popped it in his
mouth! I was astonished, and horrified! The lady just looked at Blaine
like he was crazy, and I hit him in the shoulder and said, "what are
you doing! Don't take her food!". I guess that since she was dressed
in her employee uniform (from a completely different store), that
Blaine thought (even though she was facing the counter, not the crowd)
that she was giving out samples. It was SO SO funny. Blaine about died
of embarrassment! He made us leave the mall that instant. What's worse
is the lady (or should we say, the victim), hardly cracked a smile,
she just said, "oh, um, it's okay". I could not stop laughing for
hours. It was a classic! I later asked Blaine why he didn't take a
sample of her drink too. Ha ha ha.

Orange Juice or Bust

I know it is probably super annoying to hear about the plights of morning sickness all the time, so I have a little goal. One post about pregnancy and then another post with nothing to do with it. Since my life right now revolves of moaning in my bed while Gwen and Bentley's brains melt from too much Dora, there isn't much happening that is post worthy, so I am going to have to go to the recesses of my mind for funny things that have happened throughout my life. Don't worry I have a good one lined up for my next post.

Till then though, I don't know how someone without magical powers can satisfy morning sickness. Yesterday at 11:00AM I thought I would die if I didn't eat minestrone soup right then. So, knowing these things pass quickly, I loaded the children went to the store and found some soup, but by the time I got it, it sounded pretty gross. This is particularly frustrating to Blaine, I'll demand something for dinner (or request politely), he will figure out how to make it and then by the time he is done it sounds horrific to me to eat it. So unless one can snap ones fingers and get what they want instantaneously it's no use.

Last night at about two in the morning I thought I might die right then and there if I didn't drink some orange juice, or even have an orange julius. I tried to test the waters with Blaine. I put my arms around him "hey, doesn't orange juice sound so good right now?" Blaine mumbled something about toothpaste and bunnies or something. Drat.

So here I am, just five hours later stirring my orange juice, but....meh....

Like I said though, I am grateful it is not worse, of all my morning sicknesses thus far, this has been the least traumatic, so yahoo for that!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In high school I became friends with an exchange student from Brazil, Andre. We became skiing buddies and one day on our way home from skiing we went through the drivethru at McDonalds. Our conversation went something like this.

Andre " Kristi I want to pay because you are so nice to drive me skiing all the time"
Kristi " Oh and you are so rude, honestly"
Andre gave a blank stare and just looked at me for like thirty seconds and was like..."I'm....I'm rude?"

Sarcasm totally gets lost in translation, I was trying to say something to the effect of "well yeah, you are nice to be all the time, don't worry about it" but I said it "Oh and you are so rude, HONESTLY". Perhaps if I had left the "honestly" part out he would have caught on the sarcasm.

Anyway I just remembered that story because I signed up on facebook today and I found Andres profile. He sent me a message that just said, "You are so rude, honestly." It was pretty hilarious!

Dr. Pepper, Jolly Ranchers and gas station nachos

I was talking with a friend yesterday about what makes a person sick while they are pregnant, and what makes one feel better. I really don't get the evolutionary imperative behind morning sickness. I read an article a while back that said morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, it stems from back when a lot of food was unsafe to eat due to food born illnesses. Still though, don't you think it is in the best interest of mother and fetus alike to be eating SOMETHING? This particular friend actually loses weight during her whole pregnancy, that can't be good! I usually lose for the first month or two and then pack on enough that one might suppose I was going to be birthing an elephant.

And it would be one thing if everyone was this way when pregnant, but some people feel fantastic, even better than normal while pregnant. It's kind of not fair. I had a friend the other day say she feels so good that she sometimes forgets that she is pregnant. Wow. From the moment I find out I am painfully aware, every day, every hour and every second that I am pregnant. Time slowwwwws way down and I can hear a clock tic-tocking ever so slowly counting down the nine months.

So, do you get sick (don't worry I won't egg your house or anything if you don't, we can still be friends)? If so, what helped you feel better? What foods did you crave? What were your aversions?

And Gretchen it must be said that when I told this friend that you craved McDonald's Cheeseburgers it about gave her a heart attack.

My list of worst offenders??
Meat of any kind, except maybe, MAYBE a subway sandwich
Prenatal Vitamins (this is particularly unfortunate)
Anything I have already eaten once during the pregnancy. Seriously, something can taste totally fine and sit well, but the next time I see it or smell it ....not pretty.

My list of things that, in general, are okay?
Dr. Pepper (gasp, I know)
Hard candy, like jolly ranchers and lemon drops
Funyuns (I know! Isn't that like the opposite of what you would think a pregnant person would eat?)
Ice cream
Taco Bell Tostadas (only $.89)

With Bentley even the sight of lettuce made me gag. With Gwen I threw up seven times from eating one yogurt. It's all a gamble. Oh and I will never, EVER, EVER eat at Red Robin again, don't ask.

So far this time tomatoes have been a pretty big aversion, which is sad because I looooove tomatoes and have several home grown ones in my fridge going to waste (not grown at my home, no.....that's another blog post).

So anyway, any advice? Did you ever use one of those acupressure bracelets? Any secret foods that worked for you?

I feel so grateful that in general I am only sick the first four months! My poor friend is deathly ill the whole nine! Yikes. I also feel blessed that it hasn't seemed as bad this go around. So keep praying, I am hoping to at least make it through Disneyland!

Three's Company

I've been thinking a lot lately about the number three. What a great, amazing, perfect number it is. It seems logical that a person, such as myself, should have three children. I am having a hard time convincing Blaine though.

*There are three seats in the back of a car
*Three bedrooms in this house
*Three Amigos
*Three Musketeers
* Three Doors Down (band)
* Three wise men
*Three members of the first presidency (eh? eh?)

All good things come in threes. I just need to convince Blaine because he still thinks that all good things come in fours or fives.

See because three kids sounds like too few, until you consider that I could be done bearing children when I just barely turn 27, then I could kick them all out of the house by the time I turn 45, which leaves plenty of years for trotting the globe. And the three of them ought to be able to pool enough money together to stick Blaine and I in a real nice place when we are old.

Ah yes, three. Glorious three.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A tale of two strollers....

Okay, calling all motherly experts (and Bart), I need an opinion. Well first off lets just say I am trying to distract myself from thinking about flying and how on earth I am going to raise three children, by focusing on trivial issues, like which stroller would serve us best in Disneyland. We have two options folks. First, the Joovy Caboose.....

There is a place to sit for Bentley and a place to stand or sit (albeit uncomfortably) for Gwen. This is ideal because Gwen could walk when she wants and hop in if she needs a rest or if we need to book it somewhere. Also the sunshade for Bentley is far more useful then in our second option. It is no wider than a regular stroller so therefore navigating through crowds, etc. should be easier. The downsides are....what if Gwen gets tired? She wouldn't be able to take a nap. Also Bentley's seat doesn't recline quite as far as in the other stroller.

Okay, option number two, our double jogger..

It's comfortable, both kids can recline, easier to push. Probably would not fit through any sort of doorway anywhere. A lot of times I think Gwen will want to be walking so I would be lugging around extra bulk.

So, have you been to Disneyland with two kids? What do you think would serve this family better? I know you probably don't have an opinion and really don't care, but please, just humor me or else I will resort to hugging my knees and rocking in a corner twisting strands of hair between my thumb and pointer finger while I fret about flying (and raising three children).

Friday, June 20, 2008

So true

Thanks for the laugh Todd! I need to go and get a hula hoop....

Was there a big mobility problem before?

Well, it's official, I had the inaugural "welcome to pregnancy" bout of.....uh, unpleasantness last night. Just a hint to those of you who think there is any chance of losing your lunch in the near future. Stay away from pizza. Pizza is a food that is good only on the way down. Nuff said. Guess I won't be having any for seven months and one week.

So I had to go shopping today for morning sickness friendly things. Like listerine, air fresheners, febreeze, peppermint lifesavers, tic tacs, anything minty and fresh. Other foods that are cool and easy on a tempestuous stomach--- pudding, gatorade, yogurt. I even went so far as to buy gogurt. This is the first time I've purchased gogurt, but I've heard it is excellent when frozen.

It reminds me of a clip from an Ellen stand-up routine we heard a few years ago..

We’re lazy, we’ve got food on the go. We’ve got gogurt. Yogurt for people on the go. Was there a big mobility problem with yogurt before? How time consuming was it really? [pretends to pick up the phone]
“Hello? Oh hi Tom! I've been dying to see that movie. Oh, no I just opened up some yogurt…I am in for the night. Not even later, it’s the kind with the fruit on the bottom. Well, thanks anyway. Have fun.”

It's a pretty funny clip, but it was embedded in like ten minutes of video (which definitely is funny, but I didn't want to make you watch it if you weren't interested).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

One week till Utah!

We were talking last night about what the first thing we wanted to do in Utah is.....

Gwen wants to give Grandpa a hug (she didn't specify which) and go fishing
Blaine wants to go to Cafe Rio
Kristi wants to go to noodles and order penne rosa and mac n' cheese.

Family schmamily, bring on the food!

So all you Utahns who have not gone to noodles, shame on you. And even if you don't like mac n' cheese, you will like the mac n' cheese at noodles. Why they don't have restaurants in Texas I will never know.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Walked on the Moon!

Hey, so supposedly if you go out and watch the moon rise tonight you'll be in for a treat. So go do it, it should rise about 9:00PM. Since this isn't the best blog post entry, a little comedy about the moon...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lies, Darned Lies, and Statistics...

There is safety in numbers. I bet you always just took that to mean that when in a group of people you are safe when you are, say, walking down a dark street at night or something. I propose, however, that the majority of people also believe that there is safety in numbers, as in statistics.

As soon as someone hears about my fear of flying they spout off numbers, like how I am three times more likely to die while flossing my teeth or whatever. Blaine finds safety in so many numbers. What are the odds that a tornado will occur in our city, and if it does-- what are the odds that it will track over our neighborhood, and if it does that then what are the odds that it will actually b-line over our house? He is so comforted by that.

I, on the other hand, am not. I figure if there is a one in a million chance, I might as well be the one. Usually I think that more about the bad stuff (airline disasters, rare diseases, tornadoes, etc.), as opposed to winning the lottery. Speaking of did you hear about the girl who got struck by lightning and then, the day she got out of the hospital, won the lottery? Well, "win" is used loosely, she won $20 in the lottery, but still. The odds of that happening are very slim.

But to the "one" who beats the odds, who makes most statistics "99.9%" as opposed to a clean 100% life can be very surprising, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad.So even though I expect to beat the odds for most bad things, I never anticipated beating the odds on this. A certain product faithfully used in this household claims that there was only a .01% chance of this...

happening. In fact if you add that to the fact that I am nursing, it makes that chance even smaller. Added to the fact that I have not had a period since 2006 and it is even less likely. Add all that to the fact that it took a year of trying and some medication to get lil' Bentley, and I'd say I pretty well ought to go out and by myself a lottery ticket!

This is not a joke. This was not in the plan. This has knocked me off of my feet. I don't feel ready. I don't feel able. I don't know if I am up to the challenge, since it is, indeed, a lifelong challenge.'s to vomiting, and here's to backaches, and here's to vomiting again, and sleepless nights, and so on and so forth...and at the end of this very long and dark path hopefully there will be a beautiful little light at the end of the here is to a new little Bassett, new little toes, new smiles and laughs, and a lifetime of memories, and I am sure happiness beyond measure.

It is going to take time to wrap my mind around this whole thing, but my list of "pros" is getting slightly longer and I am finding my eternal list of "cons" shrinking rapidly.

There have been tender mercies like the miraculous weight loss of 08. It took two and a half years to lose those stubborn last 30lbs with Gwen (yes, I know I said 30lbs and that most of you don't gain even that much throughout an entire pregnancy, shush), but it came off better with Bentley and I think Heavenly Father must have known that would help me (as lame as that sounds) accept this new challenge.

I know it sounds weird to think of pregnancy as a trial especially when so many out there are wishing and praying for it every day, and when so many others face such more insurmountable trials. I am not naive to the fact that there are so many heartaches happening right now, which made me feel so guilty that I had a hard time accepting this, but to be honest I did. And it is going to take some hashing out of feelings and some more nights crying in my pillow before I can embrace the situation, but embrace it I will, I am confident. Soon enough. It may be about four, or five, or twenty years from now, but I know this will be worth it in the end. Kind of funny, I had to teach a lesson this last week on eternal perspective. Poetic justice.

So, mark the date, February 7, 2009 (Happy Anniversary Stef!) and pray for the little duker. He can't be getting much nourishment with me eating only bread and Bentley still nursing, but man, if anyone has a will to survive, he does : ) ( I say he, but I really mean she, because I am confident it will be a girl)

And I know this is like, super duper early to be telling people. I know, but the way I see it, if something awful happens I will need y'alls support, so why not let you in while everything is going well, so you can celebrate with me (or uh watch my kids while I am too sick to see straight) right?

So, that's a wrap. Go out there and beat the odds, be the .01%, it makes you feel kind of victorious, in a severely nauseating kind of way. :)

P.S. I bet your husbands were not nearly so surprised about their father's day gifts as Blaine was....I captured it on film and if I ever figure out how to put stuff on youtube, you will most certainly be able to see it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Money can't buy everything.

Well, I did my best. I bought a stake to put in the yard and two metal chains to keep the vicious killers in control. They got the birds anyway, both of them. Very sad. They brought them and left them on the doorstep. They did it for me, that's the worst part. That and now besides just having gross breath they have gross, dead bird has been in there, kind of breath.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You did what now?

Me: Hey I have a question for you, so I killed a sage and I was just looking for something to
Garden center lady at HEB: You did what now?
Me: I killed a sage
GCLAHEB: Really? Hank, Hank, come here, this lady killed a sage?
Me: I mean, technically it could have been the people we bought the house from (flash back to buying the house in perfect condition with perfect plants and perfectly painted doors...), it kind of died right after we moved in, so it might have been them (my nose grew about three inches). So why is it so funny to kill a sage?
GCLAHEB: No, no it's just that sages are really hard to kill, so I wouldn't buy that if I were you (she said as she pointed to the pretty little white flowery thing I was getting to replace the sage).
Me: Oh, well, yeah, I just.....well she (motioning to Gwen) really liked it so I just put it in my cart while I was looking for something more hardy.
GCLAHEB: Yeah, I hope so because that is a tropical plant so you would have to dig it up each year before it would freeze.
Me: Yeah, obviously. So, where are the sages?

Not only did I kill the sage, but I also killed the flowers I originally got to replace the sage.

Kristi VS Gardening Round III pray for me.


The other night I was walking home from a neighbors house (I've been feeding their dog while they are away), and as I passed our next door neighbors lawn I noticed a little baby bird sitting in the grass. Well, last year we had noticed a baby bird in our yard and didn't do anything and the neighborhood cat had gotten it by the next morning. The nurturer in me couldn't just sit idly by and let the same fate befall this cute little bird. So I found a tupperware box and fashioned a grass little nest in there and scooped the bird up inside.

Later that night I researched online what one should do if you "rescue" a bird, and was surprised to learn that most birds that are "rescued" are unnecessarily rescued. Apparently when a bird is a "fledgling" it falls out of the nest and hangs around for a few days or a couple of weeks, with the parents still keeping track of it, until it learns to fly. Whoopsie. I read further that it is a myth that if you touch a baby bird its mother will reject it (dodged that bullet), so I went and put the bird back where I had found it.

Imagine my surprise when the next morning I saw the bird belly up in the nieghbors flower bed. I am a baby bird killer.

So last night I was out playing with the dogs and I heard a loud chirp when I was near our tree. I looked and found a birds nest about eye level in our little tree. I made Blaine give me a shoulder ride so I could see in the tree. Nothing. No birds.

A little while later I noticed Swiper in hunters stance growing at the base of the tree. I went over to find two little fledglings in the grass. As soon as I moved the grass that was covering them they opened their mouths wide for some wormage. It was very cute. Unfortunately miniature schnauzers are bred to hunt small pray like mice and squirrels and so the dogs #1 goal in life is to attack these little birds, and now I feel personally responsible for their well being.

So how am I going to make it for however long these birds are on the ground without letting my dogs outside unattended? I am not sure. But those baby birds will be safe dang it.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

6 hours and counting

As if it is not scary enough having your baby nearly drown in the bathtub, now I have to worry about him for an additional 24 hours. Seriously. I was sitting right next to the tub looking at something besides the tub (my camera ?) when I heard a thunk and looked to find Bentley face down in the water. I snatched him out immediately but he didn't breath for a few seconds. It was scary! I mean, I knew he should be okay, he wasn't under for more than one or two seconds at most, but man, very scary. He and Gwen were both very freaked out after the fact. I got him settled down and taking a nap and Gwen watching a show. I was reading the news about an hour later when I came across this article.

Dry drowning? You've got to be kidding me. And the things you are supposed to look out for?

1. Excessive tiredness
2. Mood changes
3. Difficulty breathing

Well, Bentley went right to sleep after the incident, and had raspy breathing (he has a slight cold and has always been quite nasally while breathing). My heart started beating so fast I thought it would beat right out of my chest. I felt all light headed and EXTRA nauseous. I mean, was it a sign that I saw this article?

It may seem a bit odd if I grab my son and haul him to the ER and say that I thought he might be dry drowning. I don't know.

So I have sat here all day with him never more than an inch away, watching for the signs. It's really hard to tell if he has any of the three as it would be for any infant I am sure. All I know is that it has been 6 hours and I can't wait for the next 18 to be over!

And I feel so sad for that kid and that mother. What an awful thing to happen. I had no idea, just like she said, that such a thing existed. Except I think maybe I saw an episode of House about it. Anyway, just a shout out to all you moms out there to know that this is a real thing and to watch your kids after swimming. I know, you needed another thing to worry about it, but knowledge is power, right?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let the nausea begin!

Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. I just booked our flights to Salt Lake for our trip and so now I will be in a constant state of distress until I am safely back on the ground in Austin in about a month and a half. Aren't you proud of me? You maybe don't realize what a big deal it is for me to do this, and I guess it isn't done, but I scheduled (well, I told my dad to schedule) our flights. Utah here I come (I hope). And pray for my sanity in the upcoming weeks. It really is hard for most people to understand, but when I think about flying I become totally non-functional.

I think I may go seek medical attention (uh....drugs) to see if they can give me something to help, but it would be sad because I am pretty sure I would have to wean Bentley. Oh the trauma, I wish this wasn't such a big deal to me.

Please don't tell me how safe flying is, I know that. This fear is hard wired baby. You can tell me how safe I will be though and how much fun I am going to have and how there will not be storms on the day we are supposed to fly out.

Oh dang, the hyperventilation is starting.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wally World

I know there is a big controversy over whether one should shop at wal-mart or not. I am definitely anti-monopoly. I don't like that wal-marts prices are so low that they are stomping out the competitors and eventually when all of the Winco's, HEBs, Albertson's and Smiths are gone wal-mart will rule the world and jack up all of the prices. On the other hand though, I love that everything is cheaper at wal-mart (almost) and that I can get everything I need in one stop. Not only that but then if my tire goes flat whilst I am shopping they can repair it on the spot and I practically don't miss a beat.

Still everytime I set out to go grocery shopping I have this moral debate raging in my head. HEB or Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is cheaper, HEB has better produce and meat. I can buy toothpaste at wal-mart, I can buy the same toothpaste for double the cost at HEB. HEB is local, wal-mart is the big bad corporate bully. Oh the torment. I never decided until I get to the fateful intersection where you have to turn Left to go to HEB and Right to wal-mart. Even then my blinker has been known to change sides midway through the turn.

Wal-Mart usually wins, and I usually feel bad about that, but I enjoy the financial savings. And hey I can open a banking account, get my eyes examined, photos taken, nails done, hair cut, a pedicure, eat lunch, and should my appendix burst, I am sure they have a place to get it removed right there as well. Can't beat that for convenience.

So let it be known that I am morally opposed to wal-mart, but I do still shop there (so I guess I am not that opposed, maybe after Blaine gets a raise I can be).

Anyway, so if you can bring yourself to shop at wal-mart, have I got news for you. I found the worlds BEST wal-mart. For the sake of keeping my location somewhat anonymous I will just say it was not in the city I live in and it was a totally "pfun" drive "pfor" our "pfamily" to visit (you with me Austinites?).

The reason it was the best wal-mart ever?

* Right as you walk in the McDonalds was open and bright, and though I am also morally opposed to McDonalds, they offered a bag of popcorn and drink for $2 (or either for $1) and if you haven't figured it out yet, giving your toddler a bag of popcorn while shopping is the most brilliant idea ever. They want to sit in the cart, they keep their big yappers shut and they keep their greasy little fingers in their bag or in their mouth. Genius.

* They had the store organized in a way that actually made sense. I hate how grocery stores put their fresh stuff, then freezer stuff, then canned stuff, then fridge stuff. By the time you get to your milk, which was the only thing you really needed anyway, all of your freezer stuff is melted and dripping puddles of goo on your other stuff. To combat this I usually head to the back of the store first and work my way forward. This wal-mart though had the freezer stuff in back by the refrigerator stuff. So smart. Except I did my little trick, because I didn't know, and wound up with melted stuff anyway.

* There were clearance racks EVERYWHERE.

* Stuff was actually on sale, as opposed to "rolled back". Got some good, melted, ice cream for $2.50 (has anyone else noticed that Dreyers halved the size of their containers and charge the same amount....*shaking fist to the heavens*, I'm no dummy, it's not like I didn't notice.....too bad they have the best ice cream with the fewest calories. So I still buy it).

* The lights in the freezer section were motion activated so if people weren't standing looking at a freezer the light turned off. Brilliant! In these times of energy crises I just think that was a cool little touch.

* They had wal-mart brand baby food. I swear they don't have that at the other walmarts I frequent.

* Everyone was so dang nice. Seriously, there was a good spirit.

* Produce was fresh and organized and felt cold and there weren't fruit flies buzzing around everywhere.

Anyway, if you are every looking pfor a pfantastic shopping experience, contact me and I will tell you where this wal-mart is (if you didn't get the hints ;) .

---stay tuned for my next exciting post, the $50 tomato the size of a marble------

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Putting myself out there..

Have you ever had a garage sale? Oh my word, it is so humiliating. There you are, your whole life is laid out on your driveway. Then people come and sift through all of your stuff and toss it aside, like it doesn't even mean anything. They make comments and stiffle little giggles. You're thinking "What? It was in STYLE back then, I swear!". All the while you have to sit there in your little lawnchair and try to avoid making eye contact. Oh, it is so awful. All those beautiful outfits that have so many memories for Gwen? No one cares. They weren't even worth a dollar to them. I totally expected to hear squels of delight..."OH! What a BEAUTIFUL dress! What exquisite taste this woman must have to dress her daughter so tastefully.". Nope.

Then you can't help but wonder if the reason no one bought your exercise equipment is because they took one look at you and decided it must not work. Ouch.

And then there's the people who drive by and peer down their nose at the stuff on your lawn while driving slowly and then speed away. What? My stuff's not good enough for ya? Huh? Huh? You wanna piece of me? (no, they don't that's why they didn't stop).

I do that too though, so I guess I can't blame them.

I don't think I can stomache another garage sale, ever. I don't even know how much money we made, I just know it wasn't worth it. Too much work and discomfort. Oh, the whole thing is horrendously awkward.

I just know the next time I go to a garage sale, I will make little exclaims of how wonderful all of their stuff is, even if I don't buy anything. Just so they'll know that they have lived a worthwhile life.

It really is hard to lay it all out there for everyone to sift through. Be nice to garage sale people, they've been through a lot.