Sunday, June 1, 2008

Putting myself out there..

Have you ever had a garage sale? Oh my word, it is so humiliating. There you are, your whole life is laid out on your driveway. Then people come and sift through all of your stuff and toss it aside, like it doesn't even mean anything. They make comments and stiffle little giggles. You're thinking "What? It was in STYLE back then, I swear!". All the while you have to sit there in your little lawnchair and try to avoid making eye contact. Oh, it is so awful. All those beautiful outfits that have so many memories for Gwen? No one cares. They weren't even worth a dollar to them. I totally expected to hear squels of delight..."OH! What a BEAUTIFUL dress! What exquisite taste this woman must have to dress her daughter so tastefully.". Nope.

Then you can't help but wonder if the reason no one bought your exercise equipment is because they took one look at you and decided it must not work. Ouch.

And then there's the people who drive by and peer down their nose at the stuff on your lawn while driving slowly and then speed away. What? My stuff's not good enough for ya? Huh? Huh? You wanna piece of me? (no, they don't that's why they didn't stop).

I do that too though, so I guess I can't blame them.

I don't think I can stomache another garage sale, ever. I don't even know how much money we made, I just know it wasn't worth it. Too much work and discomfort. Oh, the whole thing is horrendously awkward.

I just know the next time I go to a garage sale, I will make little exclaims of how wonderful all of their stuff is, even if I don't buy anything. Just so they'll know that they have lived a worthwhile life.

It really is hard to lay it all out there for everyone to sift through. Be nice to garage sale people, they've been through a lot.


JoAnna said...

I swear EVERYONE that has every had a garage sale only has ONE in their life. It's a life experience that you've gotta do once, but once is for sure enough. Now go take a hot bath and rinse off all the gross garage sale feelings!!

Earl & Vickie said...

lol, we were just cleaning out our garage awhile back and using the driveway to sort things and had people stopping and digging through the stuff. Had to tell them, "Sorry, it's not a garage sale." When I told one lady, she was rather indignant.

Bart said...

I never thought a garage sale would be like that, but it completely makes sense. Great post!

Corbett Family said...

I've only participated in my community garage sale once. I sat out in my driveway for a few hours and not one person stopped. A few drove by slowly, but that was it. I will never do that again. Big stuff will go on Craig's list and small stuff will get donated.

Holly and Brad said...

I feel your pain Kristi. Growing up we would have garage sales just about every summer and somehow I got stuck trying to "sell" all the stuff. One year I was promoted though to the money year of my life. My parents told them the price, then they came and paid me. I gave them their change and off they went. Not a word spoken. I was demoted the next year however. Something to do with "lost money"...whatever that means. (I thought I did so well that I needed to be paid...I earned it!)

I appalud your efforts Kristi. And at the same time completely understand if you never do it again. But hey, if you ever want to go drive by other garage sales really slowly, then speed of laughing I am totally in. Its only fair.

Kathrin Paul said...

Oh Kristi. Another fantastic post. I have seen your daughter. You have great taste! I would buy things from you.

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