Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You did what now?

Me: Hey I have a question for you, so I killed a sage and I was just looking for something to
Garden center lady at HEB: You did what now?
Me: I killed a sage
GCLAHEB: Really? Hank, Hank, come here, this lady killed a sage?
Me: I mean, technically it could have been the people we bought the house from (flash back to buying the house in perfect condition with perfect plants and perfectly painted doors...), it kind of died right after we moved in, so it might have been them (my nose grew about three inches). So why is it so funny to kill a sage?
GCLAHEB: No, no it's just that sages are really hard to kill, so I wouldn't buy that if I were you (she said as she pointed to the pretty little white flowery thing I was getting to replace the sage).
Me: Oh, well, yeah, I just.....well she (motioning to Gwen) really liked it so I just put it in my cart while I was looking for something more hardy.
GCLAHEB: Yeah, I hope so because that is a tropical plant so you would have to dig it up each year before it would freeze.
Me: Yeah, obviously. So, where are the sages?

Not only did I kill the sage, but I also killed the flowers I originally got to replace the sage.

Kristi VS Gardening Round III pray for me.


Jill said...

I seriously look forward to reading your posts. You take something so normal and turn it into pure entertainment! Not that I think your life is silly, but it's sure fun to read about it :)

JoAnna said...

Laughing out loud!!

McCulloch Family said...

Oh my goodness - you crack me up!! Thank you for the smiles :)

If you haven't dug it up yet, just chop off all of the plant and wait a few months, the sage should grow back! GOOOOOOD LUUUUUUCK!!!! :)