Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life in Minnesota

Hilarity as promised

This is an excerpt from our weekly letter home during our stint in Minnesota (Jan-Aug 2006)

Saturday we had plans to go to the Mall of America, but since we both
exercised and Gwenie took her nap, etc we didn't get out till later
than we had hoped and ended up only going to the Mall of Rochester
(aka the Apache Mall). Which was not nearly as exciting, though we did
have one fun experience. We were standing in front of Pretzel Time
checking out the prices, the lady in front of us got her order of
pretzel bites (a bunch of pieces of pretzel rather than one big one)
and a drink, she had her things on the counter while she put her
wallet away. I said to Blaine, "mmmm those look good" and Blaine
walked over picked up one of her pretzel bites and popped it in his
mouth! I was astonished, and horrified! The lady just looked at Blaine
like he was crazy, and I hit him in the shoulder and said, "what are
you doing! Don't take her food!". I guess that since she was dressed
in her employee uniform (from a completely different store), that
Blaine thought (even though she was facing the counter, not the crowd)
that she was giving out samples. It was SO SO funny. Blaine about died
of embarrassment! He made us leave the mall that instant. What's worse
is the lady (or should we say, the victim), hardly cracked a smile,
she just said, "oh, um, it's okay". I could not stop laughing for
hours. It was a classic! I later asked Blaine why he didn't take a
sample of her drink too. Ha ha ha.


Bart said...

Hillarious! Reminds me of a time I came up behind Janssen in a BYU computer lab and put my hands on her shoulders. When she looked up at me, it wasn't Janssen at all! It was some girl I didn't know, and she smiled and said, "Hi!"

I apologized and told her I thought she was my girlfriend, and some of the kids around us gave me dirty looks, like I made the whole thing up. I walked away more embarrassed than I can believe, so I understand Blaine's desire to get out of there.

Thanks for the laugh!

kateworthi said...

Okay, so - I've just now caught up on everything you've posted since the end of May. Sorry I haven't been keeping up very well. I'm sorry you've been sick - but I'm glad it's not been THAT sick yet. I don't even want to remember morning sickness... Anyway, this post was SOOOO hilarious. I cannot even stop laughing out loud as I'm thinking of it! I would have just DIED if I were Blaine. SO freakin' funny. I'm SO glad you wrote it down so you'll always remember. I hope HE can laugh about it now... :) Anyway, I also thought Andre's post was funny. That really made me laugh. I didn't know you were such a ski bum! I love ya, and I hope you are having fun in UT! I'm jealous and wish I was there with ya! Best wishes for being not TOO sick for Disneyland!

kateworthi said...

AND PS - I'm DYING to hear if the flight was as terrible as you had imagined. How did it go? I just hope you survived - MENTALLY. NOt physically, of course I know you survived physically, even if you weren't too sure... :)

Sheyenne said...

Bwahahahahaha! That is a crack-up!