Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In high school I became friends with an exchange student from Brazil, Andre. We became skiing buddies and one day on our way home from skiing we went through the drivethru at McDonalds. Our conversation went something like this.

Andre " Kristi I want to pay because you are so nice to drive me skiing all the time"
Kristi " Oh and you are so rude, honestly"
Andre gave a blank stare and just looked at me for like thirty seconds and was like..."I'm....I'm rude?"

Sarcasm totally gets lost in translation, I was trying to say something to the effect of "well yeah, you are nice to be all the time, don't worry about it" but I said it "Oh and you are so rude, HONESTLY". Perhaps if I had left the "honestly" part out he would have caught on the sarcasm.

Anyway I just remembered that story because I signed up on facebook today and I found Andres profile. He sent me a message that just said, "You are so rude, honestly." It was pretty hilarious!


Kristina said...

Fun story. Andre was such a nice guy. I remember one day going to a girls' tennis match and he came (with Stef?) and someone telling Stefanie that she looked like Cameron Diaz. Isn't it weird what stays in your mind?

Sarah said...

Isn't facebook fun? I have found a ton of people that I haven't been in contact with in years.

Laurie said...

oh man. the memories.