Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orange Juice or Bust

I know it is probably super annoying to hear about the plights of morning sickness all the time, so I have a little goal. One post about pregnancy and then another post with nothing to do with it. Since my life right now revolves of moaning in my bed while Gwen and Bentley's brains melt from too much Dora, there isn't much happening that is post worthy, so I am going to have to go to the recesses of my mind for funny things that have happened throughout my life. Don't worry I have a good one lined up for my next post.

Till then though, I don't know how someone without magical powers can satisfy morning sickness. Yesterday at 11:00AM I thought I would die if I didn't eat minestrone soup right then. So, knowing these things pass quickly, I loaded the children went to the store and found some soup, but by the time I got it, it sounded pretty gross. This is particularly frustrating to Blaine, I'll demand something for dinner (or request politely), he will figure out how to make it and then by the time he is done it sounds horrific to me to eat it. So unless one can snap ones fingers and get what they want instantaneously it's no use.

Last night at about two in the morning I thought I might die right then and there if I didn't drink some orange juice, or even have an orange julius. I tried to test the waters with Blaine. I put my arms around him "hey, doesn't orange juice sound so good right now?" Blaine mumbled something about toothpaste and bunnies or something. Drat.

So here I am, just five hours later stirring my orange juice, but....meh....

Like I said though, I am grateful it is not worse, of all my morning sicknesses thus far, this has been the least traumatic, so yahoo for that!


Gretchen said...

I guess that's another reason I'm weird. I get pregnancy cravings, but they're not all that strong. Never enough to get me to go to great lengths to get it RIGHT THEN. My cravings lasted. If I wanted an egg salad sandwich, I would keep wanting it (albeit mildly) for a week until I got around to buying eggs at the store. I would get obsessed with wanting one thing and keep wanting that one thing for as long as it took for me to get around to satisfying the craving.

TheMoncurs said...

I drank a lot of orange juice while I was pregnant. Because when you drink oj and then puke, everything comes back up tasting like orange juice. It was my secret to surviving.

Shauna said...

See, I avoided orange juice, because I felt like the acidity burned when it was coming back up. To each her own, I guess. :) Oatmeal is pretty mild going both ways. Just a thought. I went to a restaurant a total of one time with each of my pregnancies, and every time it was a disaster. With Spencer, we went to Winger's and for some crazy reason I thought clam chowder sounded palatable. By the time it arrived and I got a whiff, I couldn't even try to take a bite. I was definitely like you, I had to eat it quick before I thought about it or by the time I ate it, it made me sick. Good luck. I'm thinking about you.