Friday, June 20, 2008

Was there a big mobility problem before?

Well, it's official, I had the inaugural "welcome to pregnancy" bout of.....uh, unpleasantness last night. Just a hint to those of you who think there is any chance of losing your lunch in the near future. Stay away from pizza. Pizza is a food that is good only on the way down. Nuff said. Guess I won't be having any for seven months and one week.

So I had to go shopping today for morning sickness friendly things. Like listerine, air fresheners, febreeze, peppermint lifesavers, tic tacs, anything minty and fresh. Other foods that are cool and easy on a tempestuous stomach--- pudding, gatorade, yogurt. I even went so far as to buy gogurt. This is the first time I've purchased gogurt, but I've heard it is excellent when frozen.

It reminds me of a clip from an Ellen stand-up routine we heard a few years ago..

We’re lazy, we’ve got food on the go. We’ve got gogurt. Yogurt for people on the go. Was there a big mobility problem with yogurt before? How time consuming was it really? [pretends to pick up the phone]
“Hello? Oh hi Tom! I've been dying to see that movie. Oh, no I just opened up some yogurt…I am in for the night. Not even later, it’s the kind with the fruit on the bottom. Well, thanks anyway. Have fun.”

It's a pretty funny clip, but it was embedded in like ten minutes of video (which definitely is funny, but I didn't want to make you watch it if you weren't interested).


TheMoncurs said...

Boy have I ever been there. Little Caesars pizza was banned from our house for months!

Strawberries aren't so bad coming back the other direction. And they're in season!

Sarah said...

That's funny that she mentioned strawberries - the only time I "had issues" was when I ate them. Isn't it funny how every pregnancy is different... with Claire it was brocolli. Well, I guess we won't be having you over for pizza night for a while...

Gretchen said...

While I never actually tossed my cookies while pregnant, I did feel pretty gross the second time around. I lived on pretzels and Gatorade for about a month, so I'm happy to see at least one of my go-to items is something we have in common! Good luck!

Seth and Sierra said...

Oh my goodness...I tossed everything but pizza the first 4 months! This kid must love his pizza :)
I hear morning sickness is a good clue that the baby is definitely in there and going to come! So this is good news...and not so good news as far as sickness goes. Let me know if you need any help!

Jessica said...

I feel for ya Kristi! I have a morning morning sickness survival list if you need it! I took notes when I was pregnant with Brynn because I didn't want to forget anything that helped!