Tuesday, July 15, 2008

False Idols

Sorry to break my little blog hiatus, but I just had to share my brush with fame. Today we were riding Trax downtown to go do a little siteseeing. I happened to look out the window on one of the first downtown stops and saw......David Cook. Yes, your very own American Idol. I was so flabergasted that I couldn't get anyone elses attention before he walked away. And I know you are thinking "why would David Cook be in Salt Lake City?" and my answer to that is that the American Idol tour is here today, and was here yesterday (which I didn't even know at the time of the siteing). Don't dwell on things too much like "Why would David Cook be riding public transportation?" and " Where were the rest of the American Idols" and stuff like that. Just take my word for it. I saw him, and he looked a little pudgier in real life and his hair was a new weird color, but definitely him. Minus the security detail. Minor details.


Janae said...

This is Janae...I met you up at Oakcrest this past week, remember me? I believe you (the David Cook story) I have had a few of those experiences myself. Like the time I was up at the crack of Dawn one morning at Oakcrest. I saw this HUGE wolf. He crossed my path outside Dogwood. He looked at me with these HUGE eyes just stared for a minute and kept walking. I guess he figured I wasn't worth eating. Good thing I was tons skinner back then or he might have had me for a meal. He was a pretty thin himself.

Anyway I'm glad I got to meet you. And I didn't even tell you congrats on baby #3!

Allisun said...

I kind of feel jipped (yep, no idea how to spell that) that we didn't get to hang out more at camp. Also, I'm going to be mad if you go back to Texas without seeing me again. I'm going to call you, and you'd better answer or we can't be the hang out kind of friends ever again!

Shauna said...

I had so much fun chatting with you today. I feel like I can really say that we are friends now, now that we've actually met and all. :) Thanks for taking time to stop by. You are so fun, and your kids are darling. Plus, I wouldn't know David Cook if he came and sat on my living room couch, since I totally missed the whole season of American Idol this year. But, still, I totally believe you and am impressed. Way to spot a celebrity!