Monday, July 21, 2008

"Assuming we don't lose your bags"

Do you remember that jingle?

"Delta you'll kinda like the way we fly, when we do, assuming we don't lose your bags...."

(it wasn't a delta jingle, it was for SouthWest or something)

Well, I have never ever had a lost bag and I have always flown delta. Today though, TWO lost carseats. I know it must be annoying and all to lose your bag, but really, your carseats? That's got to be worse.

Other than that my flight went well. Well, except for getting off the plane. We were the last ones on the plane, Gwen wouldn't put on her shoes, etc. When I finally got both carry-ons slung about my shoulder, Bentley in my arms and Gwen attached to my hand I thought I had it made. I guess my bag was facing the wrong way or something because I got stuck on every row of seats and due to lack of hands couldn't really do anything about it besides use all my strength to get unstuck - every eight inches on every set of chairs.

Seriously though, it is nice to be home, sad to be gone from Utah, and is anyone going to Costco, like, tomorrow? Blaine spent $120 on groceries last week and I just learned that half of that was on various cheeses and pepperonis/sausages. Not a fruit or vegetable to be seen. :) Gotta love him.

More later!


Gretchen said...

Man, sorry! I just went to Costco today. I've been through lost carseats too. Definitely sucks.

Andrea L. said...

We miss you guys already! It was so much fun to have you here. My boys are already asking when Ben and Gwen are coming back to visit. :( Glad your flight went well - bummer on the carseats!

Aimee said...

So how did you get your kids home without carseats? Did Delta provide temporary ones for you?

I'm glad you made it home safely!

Seth and Sierra said...

I'm glad you're home! That worries me that they lost your carseats because Porter and I will be flying home on the 30th and I'll be flying Delta...dun dun dun ;)
It's just like men to get things for pizzas...Seth would do that too...only he'd do that AND order pizza :) Too funny.
I've finished Lost and my life is changed ;)
Hope to get to see ya soon!

Bart said...

Glad to have you back, Kristi. Though I recommend you continue to allow ridiculous expenditures involving amazing sausage. Because it was soooo good.

Blaine said...

I object. I did too get fruits and vegetables. Even ask Bart, we had green beans and potatoes WITH the Italian Style Smoked Sausage (that, like Bart said, was like the best thing ever...) Oh and I did buy a lot of pepperoni and cheese but I didn't eat that much of it yet--it's still all in the fridge. That kind of makes it better, right?