Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alive and kicking. Eh, well at least alive!

My apologies for the lack of blogging lately, hopefully things can get going again when my second trimester begins. I think I did a lot of bargaining/praying that if I could just be healthy for my vacation I would be happy; I forgot that that might mean I would get incredibly sick within hours of getting home, yikes!

The good news is that the baby is still in there, I heard his/her heartbeat today. It came with much relief as I felt really guilty after visiting Disneyland that I had decided to go on most of the rides. It was a tough decision, but in my opinion, if you are strong enough to come to earth despite a couple different prevention methods, you are strong enough to survive a few plunges on splash mountain. Turns out to be true. Phew. Lest you leave me comments that I am a lunatic for putting the fetus in harms way I have to note that at the time it was the size of a black bean, and I took lots of extra precautions, like bracing myself extra hard with my feet. To be honest the scariest thing was when I got in the flume for splash mountain and some ding dong had dumped out their french fries and chicken strips in there. Joy, a five minute ride smelling moldy, soggy french fries --- that is more dangerous to a pregnant woman than the ride itself ;)

The only ride that I kind of felt guilty about going on was Indiana Jones (Best. Ride. Ever.), but after I saw Indiana Jones in person I felt obligated (who knew Indiana Jones was so good looking in real life).

I did not go on California Screaming or Tower of Terror (thank goodness). I did go on my personal tower of terror, the Ferris wheel. What a scary ride. I think I must be the only one who thinks so. Or at least I was the only one screaming my head off for the duration of the twenty minute ride!

To answer the stroller question, I have a definite answer for you......DOUBLE JOGGER! That is totally what you should take! Is that what I took? No. Did I also forget the sunshade for my stroller? Yes. Was it miserable? Pretty much. Bentley couldn't recline and my makeshift sunshade (umbrella and duct tape) did more damage than good. So please, for the love, take your double jogger. Your kids will be able to sleep, they'll have a good spot for the parade and life will be happy and good.

So this is like the most boring post ever, but just wanted you to know I am hanging in there. Hanging onto the rim of a toilet seat, but hanging in there. This kid better be awesome.


Ralphie said...

Don't die on me now. Buck up little camper.

Ha! The first 3 letters of your word verification are "STD". *snort*

Janssen said...

I know I'm hungry when even soggy french fries sound strangely appetizing.

Holly and Brad said...

So glad you are back!! See you soon!

Shauna said...

Have you used the zofran yet? If you haven't, use it now. Right now. As in immediately. I laughed out loud at your "this kid better be awesome" line, because that is totally what I said when I was pregnant. :)

Todd and Julie said...


Love the blog - I check it often. Just so you know, my babies have survived waterskiing, long bike rides, 4-wheeling, & snowmobiling - all while in the womb! They all turned out just fine! No worries. Also, have you tried ambesol - the sleeping pill? It helps with morning sickness. One pill at night and a half of a pill in the morning -people swear by it and it has no side effects for the baby. Give it a try. :)

Andrea L. said...

Is isn't ambesol (that is teething stuff), it is called UNISOM. I could never use it unless I was getting ready for bed because it made me want to sleep ALL day. It really does seem to help. Ask your doctor about it. I know a lot of people that swear by it as well. You can buy the generic brand from any store - it all works the same. You will have to try it - it can't hurt! Good luck

Aimee said...

You totally crack me up! Even your "boring" posts.