Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have proof that children are more precious than "things".

I had always heard it, and I had always believed it, but I had never really had it put to the test.

I think I may have mentioned on here that Bentley is a budding exhibitionist, right? We'll go in to give him one last kiss after he's already asleep and find him buck naked in his bed, all sprawled out and comfortable.

Often he'll come running into a room and streak through wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

You would think that this is a sign that he is ready to be potty trained. Not true. We tried for like a day, and it wasn't working. So I am going to persist in my plan to wait until he is five. Is it just me or is potty training hands down the absolute worst responsibility of a parent?

Anyway, so yesterday, loving mother that I am, I was letting Bentley play with my iphone in my bed. Gwen needed a shower so I was helping her with that. We were running late for preschool. I walk into my room to find Bentley on my bed in the buff. Normally it would be kind of annoying but mostly cute. I'll tell you this friends, there was absolutely nothing cute about my white down comforter being covered in streaks of brown.....waste material.

I don't own a lot of nice things. I mean, we're still on our first set of couches and table, all purchased on the budget of two starving students. We make it work. But I just barely bought the bedspread, a year ago, and I love it. Totally love it. I think you all know how I feel about my bed.

But, turns out, I love Bentley more. So after being confined into his bed for two hours while I attempted to clean the disaster, he was back to being one of my favorite people. But seriously, I like him so much more with his diaper on.

And I have to offer my sincerest apologies to those of you who I recommended getting a white comforter too. You asked me if I had any problems because I didn't purchase a duvet cover and I said no. I take that back. Buy a duvet cover and buy a chocolate brown one. You'll be happier when your day of reckoning comes.


Laurie said...

Laughing because it's not me. I got my duvet at IKEA and I'm already ready to get another one, just b/c it's fun to change things up. So if you're looking for one in white/grey I'm your girl.

Janssen said...

We actually do have a chocolate brown duvet cover. . .am clearly ready for children!

julianne orth said...

i think potty training is parent torture. i hate every minute of it, i hate everything about it.

McCulloch Moments said...

How's the phone??

Melissa Ash said...

Yeah, potty training is hell! Sorry, that is the nicest word I could put to it. And I didn't even have problems with a little "exhibitionist." Yeah, it is birth control enough for me. Now we know why I was so upset when I got pregnant, I was in the middle of potty training the little guy. Yeah, what a nightmare. Good luck my friend!

Bart said...

Janssen beat me to that comment.