Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thing you should buy that you maybe don't already have Tuesday

On December 31, 2007 at 11:45PM I was not eating fattening appetizers. I was not playing silly party games. I was at an overpriced grocery store, buying overpriced medicine that I did not need, with the $200 left on my flex spending account for the year.
I was fuming mad. FUMING MAD. I was buying enough Tylenol to supply an army of achy pregnant women, and enough bandaids to last the rest of our lives. Boy was I ever mad. I think flex spending accounts are the worst things ever.
But that's another story. In my shopping spree of medical supplies I happened to pick up this little product called "orabase" for cankers. And the quality of my life has improved about ten billion percent.
It's kind of on my mind right now because I have two gargantuan canker sores and cannot eat or sleep or focus on anything else. For a brief moment in time I thought I wasn't going to be able to find our precious tube of Orabase, but never fear! I found it, and life can continue as normal.
Seriously, if you are toughing out canker sores the old fashioned way....spring the $3.50 and pick yourself up some orabase.
And I feel really pathetic that my blog fodder has come to this. Canker medication. I need some more adventure in my life.


McCulloch Moments said...

Ooooh be grateful that you hate flex spending accounts, hopefully you always will be able too and not have kiddos that catch every. single. thing. at school (arrgh!).

Ours is always used up by early spring (right about now) and we only hate it April - December when we wished we still had 'tax free' moola for medical bills and meds.

PS Is it toothpaste that helps canker sores? Weird/cool!

Blaine said...

A little bit of hyperbole there, Kris? A ten billion% improvement? (You remind me of Randy on American Idol.) I just wish you would remember that this is still medicine and you probably should kind of follow the direction like taking it 4ish times a day instead of 40ish.

Fun post, btw. I actually think this kind of stuff makes your best fodder! :)

Lorie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Its about time I left a message on your blog and told you how much I enjoy your posts in my Google reader! Manny and i just went through the exact same thing with our FSA. Because I was pregnant and sick, I think we ended up with a truck full of Tylenol and cough drops! Gotta love the way our health insurance works! : )

Anna said...

I agree with Blaine -- don't underestimate this info. Emma was just dealing with a gargantuan canker and I couldn't get her to do any of the old-fashioned things. I wish I had known about this then, but now.......ha! I am armed!