Friday, May 21, 2010

Costa Fortuna

So, um, I know that I was like the last person on the Earth to get my hands on an i(insert type of mp3player here). Luckily I went straight to the top and went for an iphone. I just don't listen to that much music so it never seemed important. Plus Blaine has had like.....every type of ieverything that has even been invented. So I keep trying to download these apps that were saying I needed some sort of software upgrade. So today I figured out how to plug in my iphone and update the software. And all sorts of magical things happened when I plugged my iphone into my computer, who knew? Probably my favorite thing is my computer sucked all of the pictures off of my iphone so now I have all of these great photos from times when I didn't have a camera.

Like the day on our cruise when we woke up at port and there was a cruise ship parked next to us named "Costa Fortuna" but when I looked out the window I only saw "Costa Fortun" which I thought said cost a fortune, which I thought was a hilarious thing to name a cruise ship. You won't find Janssen or I on a ship that so blazenly announces that it is expensive.

Or the time that we got to go to the jazz game on Thanksgiving. (When I am a professional photographer I think I am going to specialize in self portraiture)

And when we saw Brian Regan LIVE !

And that time I drove all the way to Oregon to visit one of my besties there. Again, try to not faint in awe of my self portraiture skills.

And a personal favorite when I woke up one morning to find minnie mouse (complete with bows!) sitting at the kitchen table. I love the nose. LOVE.

The only picture of my kids with the big man himself.

And last but not least, there were over 200 images of my carpet. Every angle, every lighting, every inch of carpet has been captured on my iphone. Thank you, children.


Janssen said...

I will be proud to have been your friend before you were famous.

Stefanie Miller said...

nice pictures, Kris! They definitely lend themselves to a blog post over facebook, eh? I enjoyed the random snapshots from the last few months of your life.

Kathrin Paul said...

Love the carpet. Love the nose more.