Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The other day we went out as a family. Everyone that I got ready was wearing light blue. Me, Gwen, Ben, and Ivy.
It wasn't on purpose.

But that happens more often than not. Apparently when I feel like wearing a certain color I subconsciously also choose that color for my kids.

Though I don't think about it, or plan it, I just randomly grab their clothes and yet we always look like some insane family that always color coordinates.

Happened again today.

And I was extra impressed with myself because I didn't even realize they had dresses this similar until we had been out sidewalkchalking for a good thirty minutes.

I have a pretty stylin' subconscious.

In other news. I am taking a week long hiatus from facebook. And I am ashamed to is KILLING me. I didn't get to whine that I forgot to make a special dinner for Cinco de Mayo. I didn't get to ask the masses if they would prefer Disneyland or river rafting in Moab for a family vacation. I didn't get to tell everyone how much I hate being a landlord (the freaking garage door crashed down on my renter!). I didn't get to ask for tips on using gimp or post the photos I tried to edit (I accidentally turned Ivy into a very alienesque looking creature).Or how sad I was when fifteen minutes after starting to swim with our family the childcare lady from the fitness center came in because Ivy was still freaking out. And how I was mad at the lady for not letting Ivy take in her pacifier. Or or or or or.....

So did the world end? Does the facebook world miss me? I like to think so, I like to think things in the cyberworld has come to a grinding, lifeless halt in my absence. No funny stories, no hilarious videos or witty status updates. Just boring old boringness because I am missing from the perpetual party. I've gotten two emails from concerned friends (thanks Mom!). That was nice.

But I will press on with my hiatus. Though I have noticed I am filling up the time in my day that I used to spend on facebook with drinking cherry coke, so I am not sure that I am better off.

And in other other news. Did I mention our Texas garage door crashed down on my renter? AGH. If it's not one thing... I need to plant a money tree.

I miss you facebook.

Lots and lots.

Someone tell me if the world ends and I don't know because I am not on facebook.


Pretty please.

P.S. If someone knows any gimp tutorials just post the links on my them to me. Or Heaven forbid call me and tell me about it. Send me a letter. Smoke signal, whatever people who don't do facebook are doing these days.

Okay, the end.

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Katie said...

dude, why are you taking a sabbatical?

Laurie said...

Disneyland for sure! Your kids are way too young to appreciate river rafting. They'd probably fall in.
Proud of you for taking a sabbatical. I'm trying to only turn the computer on once a day so that I can be more fully involved with my kiddos. I really don't think I'm missing much.
PS-- are you doing lunch with Laura today?

Brooke said...

Oh Kristi. I am so sorry again about your stupid renting situation. Whenever you need to call and rant about it, don't hesitate to dial my number. And kudos to you for detoxing with the facebook thing. That's why I haven't really started it, I'm afraid I will get sucked in and it will be too addicting. And I have plenty of addicting online things to work through like finding deals and writing my blog. Which is why I started my scripture blog, because then at least if I get sucked in there it will be for my eternal salvation right?

Brooke said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the matching outfits too. I can't wait to have another boy or girl so we can do matching outfits too. (wait, what did I just say... o.k. I can wait a little while.) And that you did it subconsciously too, amazing.

Judkins family said...

I know how to do some simple fixes etc with GIMP on photos. Sometimes it is just the SMALLEST adjustment that makes your pic brilliant :)

Lindsay said...

I don't get on facebook very often, but when I do I look for you. I love to see that someone else has a crazy life as well. Yesterday you weren't there. I was going to check the news to see if you were ok.
The facebook world misses you. Or at least I do.

Stefanie Miller said...

A-HA!! So THAT's why you haven't been blogging as much lately. You've been putting all your energy into Facebook! It's all coming together now. Well I for one am glad for the facebook absence because, not being to active in it myself, I still depend on the old-fashioned blog to hear from you. Or email. Yes I am still planning on the 15th. Well I hope you blog more if you are on Facebook less.

Tom and Tami said...

I have to consciously NOT dress like my kids. I think it's because we dress like our mood, and therefor dress them like our mood.
I want to see more pictures of what you've done with Gwen's hair (if it's not too early to bring up that subject again).