Monday, June 28, 2010

Hugger Mugger

We had an excellent day on Saturday. Actually now that you mention it, it was a pretty rockin weekend. Full of mountains, friends, family and food. Saturday we went up to Park City with some friends and hit the outlets and the alpine slide.

After going on the slide, however, I got a gnarly headache. The kind that makes you want to rip your eyeballs out of your head. You know the kind. We were going tos top and grab a bite to eat before we headed back to Salt Lake. I was driving, it was 8PM but the sun was still shining, fueling the desire for me to rip the said eyeballs out of my head. We were having a hard time finding a place. Probably because my head was pounding so hard that I couldn't tell left from right and was having a hard time following the directions Blaine was offering.

Finally we switched drivers and he started heading towards Salt Lake, we planned to just stop at the first Chili's we came across. Even with not driving anymore, a friends sunglasses and my head buried in my lap I thought my head was probably going to explode at any moment.

By the time we got to the restaurant I was also feeling nauseous. I went inside to get a drink of water (and if we are going to be honest, to have our friend - who happens to be a chiropractor- try to fix my headache with a little head twistin [I am still working on gaining a testimony of chiropractory since I worked for a physical therapists office who was very anti- this experience helped ; ) ]).

After the water and adjustment I decided to go out to the car and lay down while they ate their dinner. On the way out a very Chili's employee, who was a man but had a very, um....distinctively feminine voice, opened the door for me on the way out. I went out to the car, rolled down the windows, and tried to sleep. I felt a little vulnerable, what with all the windows down, but my head hurt so bad I didn't care at all.

A few moments later I heard the distinctively feminine voice once more. Apparently he had walked one of his co-workers out to her car, which was parked next to mine. She thanked him profusely for walking her to her car and then he responded "Oh I always walk people out to there car in the evening, I mean, we just have WAY too many muggings in this parking lot for anyone to walk to their car alone."

I layed there.

I assessed how I was laying down in the backseat of the van, all the windows down, keys sitting on the passenger seat, practically screaming "PLEASE, MUG ME! HECK, STEAL MY CAR WITH ME IN IT !"

And so then I rolled the windows back up, hid my keys, and tried to sleep in a sweltering hot car still somewhat nervous about being all alone in the worlds most mug prone parking lot.

The end.

P.S. Since I know you all love and care about me. I felt better the next morning. And I need sunglasses. Fo' sho'.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to complain about how there were just "too many muggings for that one girl to be walking to her car alone," yet not quite enough muggings to necessitate the inconvenience of walking YOU to your car. Rude.

Glad your headache's better.

Kristi said...

He was probably scared of me, I practically ran out of there and knocked him over since I thought I was going to hurl. : )

Kathrin Paul said...

Kristi! Call me asap 801-808-6501. Or email me your number at
I'm having a party and want you to come.
And I'm glad that you didn't get mugged or stolen with your car. Headaches suck. You rock.

Karina said...

Girl, I had two of those headaches while driving to SLC and home again so I feel for you! I even had sunglasses. I screamed at Steve cuz I was in so much pain and could hardly see to drive. Weird, I know. So glad that's over.

Marcie said...

one word-- Polarized. they are more expensive but with SAVE you from the headaches!!