Thursday, June 17, 2010

Picasa you use picasa? It's an awesome photo program that google makes. It rocks.

Anyways, the newest version of picasa has a feature where it will go through and do facial recognition on your photos and create albums based on each person you have a lot of pictures of. It puts all the pictures it thinks are of you all together and then you click yes if it is a picture of you or no if it is not, and it adjusts the album accordingly. It's pretty sweet. It makes it way easier to find a specific picture of a person because you can just look at their file of photos.

Anyway, it totally has me pegged. Fat or skinny, long hair or hair or brown or blonde... every picture in my album was identified correctly as me. It probably has to do with my huge schnauz. I thought it was kind of weird because with other people there were usually a few random people in the set of pictures (Blaine looks a lot like his sister Rosey and so it got a few of those mixed up, Max and Nick look a lot a like, etc.), but me? Apparently I don't look like anyone.

Well...except in the middle of all of these pictures of me there were three pictures in a row. There's something about the Bassett girls and our big mouths I guess!

*Um, as a note: If anyone can think of an excellent blog post that would require me to post pictures of myself where I look awesome, I'd appreciate it. The self deprecating photo thing is getting old.

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Stefanie Miller said...

Kris, in order to post awesome pictures of yourself on your blog, you have to pretend like you don't know they are awesome, but everyone knows that you know they are awesome, and putting them up because you want everyone else to see them... and anyway, the really awesome ones of you are all the ones you put up anyway. Awesome.