Thursday, September 23, 2010

I cry zumba zumba zia!

I like to think that if things would have gone a little differently for me in life, that I could have been a professional dancer. True, I never took dance lessons (though I did take a tap dancing class at BYU), but it seems to me like I have some innate talent. Somehow in highschool I got all caught up in the nerd scene and never really had a chance to try out for dance company and really exlpore my talent. But, I can really shake my bon bon late at night in the kitchen while doing dishes.

Sure I'm probably not as awesome as I was three kids and thirty pounds ago, but I've been told I've still "got it".

I've heard all the craze about zumba, an ultra hip way to exercise to awesome music. Pretty much it's just like an hour long dance party. Seems perfect for a would-be dancer, such as myself.

We are doing a two week trial of Lifetime Fitness (ie Heaven) and last week I went to their 6:15PM Zumba class. I was stoked.

I got there a few minutes early and nervously started chit chatting with the two others in the room. They seemed nice enough. As the clock struck 6:15PM all of the sudden the room was packed- wall to wall- and here's the kicker, there was not a slightly overweight person in the room (myself excluded). I had to go and double check the schedule to make sure I wasn't in some cheer practice for the Dallas Cowgirls or something.

I noticed a few things right off the bat, besides me weighing the most in the room, I was also the only person wearing a baggy t-shirt. Excuse me, but isn't a baggy tshirt like required gym attire? I had no idea that I was supposed to be Secondly, I was the only person without a water bottle.

So, in walks our Zumba teacher

And with nothing but a wink and smile she starts dancing furiously.

I feel really bad for the one man in the room. He was probably hoping to catch some hot booty shakin' but somehow he wound up next to me. And I collided with him on more than one occasion. It was especially awkward when we shimmeyed around in a circle.

I have never been more relieved to see the day care people walk in with the dreaded white board of shame (with your name on it meaning your kid is either inconsolable or poopy). I think that is the first time that the people in zumba had seen the white board because I was obviously the only one in there who has had the pleasure of bearing children (trust me, I saw a LOT of tummies in there).

The moral of the story? Zumba is awesome. Zumba is hard. I need new, sexier gym clothes, and now I know that that business about me being a really good dancer, it's total crap.

I consoled myself and my inconsolable child (the reason for the white board) with a trip to chick-fil-a. And then we got home to find that our house had nearly blown up while we were gone. So, in a way, zumba saved my life.

But more on that another day...


Rochelle said...

hmmm seems like you need to work out at the Legacy center where people like me teach, and people like me go to the classes:) ha ha sounds like fun though!!

Melissa Ash said...

Go to a rec center. I personally have never tried Zumba, because let's face it, I am not coordinated enough I don't think. But there were people a heck of a lot bigger than you in there dancing! And I stopped to watch on more than one occasion!

JoAnna said...

Oh my gosh!!! You have me rolling!!! Can I link to this post on my blog?? This is absolutely HILARIOUS!! Please submit it somewhere. Please?

Stefanie Miller said...

Wow, that is the best illustration of Zumba I have come across! Thanks for the write up. I too have noticed a big difference between gyms and rec centers.

Jill Bowcutt said...

Stay away from big gyms! They are full of rats and fake female upper body parts! I can't stand when people get all dolled up to go sweat at the gym. Seriously. You and your baggy t-shirt are just fine. Sport it with pride :)


I freakin love zumba too =)