Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turn a profit

I had to dig through my memory box for quite a while yesterday when I was looking for the email Blaine sent me to ask me to homecoming twelve years ago. So the next thirty or so posts on the blog might be nostalgic (but funny!) stories from yesteryear.

Like how the week after Blaine opened his first checking account we were sitting at his kitchen table doing homework (wink, wink! No for reals though, we were!) and I saw a twenty dollar bill laying there. I snatched it before he could see and told him I thought it would be "so cool" for him to write me a check that I would be willing to give him a twenty dollar bill if he would write me a check for $18.60. Blaine's not one to turn down a profit, so he quickly obliged.

Once I had the check in hand I burst in to laughter. I told him he had been bamboozled and that the twenty dollar bill wasn't even mine, it was just sitting on the counter. He turned furious so quick, snatched the check out of my hand and made darn well sure I would never be able to cash it.

But I SO got him. Zing!

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Robin said...

funnies that it was for a postcard.