Thursday, April 17, 2008

You've got to be kidding me....

A friend posted about her childs sleeping schedule, so it got me a thinkin' about what a seven month olds sleep schedule has got to be.

Here is what I read, "the "average" six-month old sleeps ten and a half hours at night and takes naps totaling three and a half hours, for a total sleep time of fourteen hours per day"

My jaw hit the floor.

I think Bentley sleeps about five hours at night and maybe another two hours of naps.

It's starting to not be funny.

I think when Gwen was this age she slept about twenty hours a day or something.


Joe Speredon said...

Tres averages about ten hours a night (8pm-6am) but he wakes up at least once every night and he doesn't take a nap. Ellie is 8-6 as well and takes about an hour nap. While this is still not ideal it is a drastic improvement over years past. I hope they are both sleeping through the night when number 3 shows up in October. Good luck with your boy. Might I suggest a shot of Nyquil at bedtime. :)

kateworthi said...

Dude, I'm sorry. There's only so much sleep deprivation a person can take. I wish B was a better sleeper for you. And PS - thanks for the comment on my blog, I would have never thought that you didn't like thinking of things to blog about. You're life is just so hysterical all the time - I assumed it wasn't hard for you. But I guess you're really just an average Joe like me!...despite the pedestal I usually hold you on! :)

JoAnna said...

I offer you this recommendation with hesistancy... But I do suggest Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I loved it. But you have to promise yourself you won't feel guilty when you read it. Just accept it as good info and maybe helpful advice with some things you could apply to you and Ben.

Andrea said...

I second that comment. It is such a GREAT book and it will give you so much more patience and peace - because you will be getting such a good nights sleep. Get the book Kristi!