Friday, July 24, 2009


Because I have been swamped with making life changing decisions lately and because I've have been making those decisions rather poorly, last week I decided I needed something really trivial to stew about. So even though our cruise isn't for another six months it became my life purpose to find a swimming suit for the cruise. I mean really, packing, cleaning and finding renters for our house can wait for another day.

Budgeting how we can afford to keep an empty house in Texas, an apartment in Utah and utility bills in, surely I can figure that out later.

We are hemorraging money but certainly that can wait for another day.

Who cares about that new traffic ticket (with three accompanying violations for missing insurance and expired registation and inspection!)?

Nevermind that the movers are coming a day late and thus eliminating entirely my cleaning day.

None of this matters because there are only 180 days left to find a proper swimming suit.

Priorities people.

I had it narrowed down to these three...

Choice 1 from Layers

Choice 2 from Lands End

Choice 3 from Girls4sport (hello modest!)

I just wished I could see them in person before I made a decision.

Then a couple of days ago Blaine and I had the chance to go to Schlitterbahn; while standing in line for one of the rides I noticed someone who was wearing swimmingsuit choice #2. I recognized the swimmingsuit from the back and I thought it would be a good chance to see what the suit looked like in person, so I tapped the shoulder of the person wearing the suit.

And around turned someone who had to be at least 65 years old, maybe 70.

I asked if her suit was from Lands End and she replied that indeed, it was. I told her that I really liked it and was considering getting it.

With that she looked me up and down and said, "you'll love's really slimming!"

And in one fell swoop I realized that not only do I have an undeniable muffin top but also the sense of style of a senior citizen.



Sheyenne said...

No, she just has equally good taste. But its a moot point, because swimsuit #1 is the winner.

TheMoncurs said...

I actually really like the Land's End one. I'd wear it!

Gretchen said...

I would pick the Land's End one too - but what do I know? Most people think I'm older than I am...

A deal stealing mom said...

I have to agree- #2 is my favorite. I know how stressful moving can be- good luck getting it all there. Well actually I have forgotten how stressful moving can be because I want to move again- and then once I move I will never want to do it again, or at least for a few years, so sorry you're in the midst of that. I'm excited when you do make it out here though!

Sarah said...

Johanna has #2 and it is super cute on her and she is in her twenties. I think you should totally get it! I went shopping today w/out kids and it was so fun. It was nice to be able to let go out for a while and be without kids and not be surrounded by boxes! Sometimes when things get bad and they can only get better, right? Plus, you just got to go to Schlitterbahn and people love you enough to throw you a kickin' going away party! I'm green with envy!!!

Robin said...

ah, the Cruise. We still have the little turtle-bobby-heady-momento thingy you secured for us on that one cruise.

i vote #3.

Robin said...

ah, the Cruise. We still have the little turtle-bobby-heady-momento thingy you secured for us on that one cruise.

i vote #3.

JoAnna said...

You weren't asking for opinions,were you? Can I still give you mine??
I love them all, but for you, #1 is perfection!!

Melissa Ash said...

I am all for #3!

Aimee said...

Okay, not to make your choices more difficult, but Modbe has some great swimming suits. I have a suit from Haapari and I really like it. They are both online.