Monday, July 13, 2009


After the "BC" incident I changed the settings on my blog to make it so it wouldn't appear on search engine searches. I recently lifted the ban and have found it pretty interesting to see how people come across my blog by googling...

some recent google searches that led new visitors to my blog ...

"can a chiropractor straighten my nose?"

Fabulous idea! Hadn't considered going to a chiropractor!

"giant bump on my tailbone"


"married to genius"

And Blaine on several occasions has accused me of making him sound like an oaf on the blog!

and my personal favorite

"some guests have come in to my home in the absence of my parents, what can I do?"

What, you missed my post on what to do during a home invasion?

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of these issues that I am apparently an expert on. I have some excellent game ideas for guests that may come to your home in the ansence of your parents, and hop on over to my recipe blog so you can make them some feta chip dip!


Gretchen said...

I've been keeping a list of google searches that have gotten people to my blog. They are HILARIOUS! Except the ones that are obscene - hmmm, what does that say about my blog's content???

Blaine said...

Cute post. And it's good to know that, from a more objective point of view, I really am not coming across as such an oaf on your blog. :)