Thursday, July 9, 2009

Greetings from the cave!

Monday 3:45PM

Blaine's new employer e-mails request for Blaine to sign paperwork and fax it back on Tuesday


Blaine prints and signs said paperwork and asks if I can find someone who will let me use their fax so we don't have to spend $5 faxing papers (again)

Tuesday 8:00AM

Kristi's facebook status : Can I use your fax machine?

Tuesday 3:00PM

The overwhelming response to Kristi's facebook status: Get out from under a rock. Who still uses fax machines? Just scan it.

Kristi has no scanner.

Jody says I can use her fax

Kids are sleeping

Tuesday 5:00PM

Kids are screaming

Tuesday 9:00PM

Email to Jody: can I use your fax tomorrow morning?

Wednesday 8:00AM

Email from new employer: Hello, send me your fax!


Email from Blaine: Hello sugar lump of love. Have I told you how skinny you look? Oh and also could you please send the NOW?

Kristi is busy at the sprinkler park, and going to lunch with Ralphie


Kristi receives email from Blaine + 2 other similarly worded emails from Blaine. He's starting to sweat it.

Kristi emails Blaine: Don't sweat it, I'll do it! Swear. After Ben's nap


Wow, Bentley is taking the worlds longest nap.


Call from Jody: Um, it has been 36 hours since you said you were coming and I actually do have a life and have to go somewhere. (note: she said this way nicer, like "if you still need the fax I can wait for you to come!")

I decided I may as well just wait for Blaine since he would be home soon and no sense lugging three children around, so I was going to miss Jody, but Jeannie said she had a scanner I could use, and I would be sending it to California, so I still had an hour and a half until business hours were over.


Go to Jeannie's


Can't get Jeannie's scanner to work. Looks like I will need to fork over the money to kinko's. Darn. But wait! Jeannie has a friend who has a fax (who coincidentally lives next door to Jody) and who is out of town but Jeannie has the keys!


Me, Jeannie + Jeannie's posterity, who are fevered and not feeling well, climb in the car.


We break into Jeannie's friends house


We break Jeannie's friends fax machine


We try to fix Jeannie's friends fax machine


We explore Jeannie's friends house looking for a scanner


We see strange man in Jeannie's friends backyard stealing her pool toys, except they were his pool toys, he is just a neighbor.


We marvel at how nice Jeannie's friend is to leave her home open for all to enjoy while she is out of town


I start panicking because I only have twenty minutes left and kinkos is far away. We run to the car.

6:43 PM

Jeannie breaks her friends garage door

6:45 PM

Jeannie fixes door

6:50 PM

I call everyone I know to see if I can use their fax

6:53 PM

Jeannie calls everyone she knows to see if we can use their fax

6:58 PM

Screech into Tammy's driveway

6:59 PM

Break down Tammy's front door and demand her husband fax the paper RIGHT NOW!

7:00 PM

sigh of relief

7:01 PM

Drop off Jeannie and Co


Run out of gas en route to gas station.

Just kidding, but it was scary and for future reference, when your car says that it has 0 miles left to empty, it's just kidding. It still has a tiny bit of gas in there, but I don't know how much.

Thanks Jeannie for the wild ride! The things I do to save $5!


kateworthi said...

You little slacker - I'd be sweatin' it too if I were Blaine! And, um... whoever told you you were living in a cave doesn't work in an office - a GAZILLION businesses still use fax machines. That medium is not QUITE archaic yet...

Corbett Family said...

Okay, next time you and Jeannie need to call my cell and I'll give you the garage code to my house and you can go in and use my fax machine (it works, just used it a couple of days ago)! LOL!!! :)

Corbett Family said...

Wait, maybe you tried that. Sorry it was such a crazy time.

McCulloch Family said...

Thank you for not mentioning how me or my house or children looked when you arrived :) That was fun, lets do it again sometime!!

Karina said...

I have a fax, and I saw you at the splash pad, and I was bored yesterday so I would have come and got your papers for you. Alls well that ends well.

Sheyenne said...

I have a fax machine. I saw Jeannie already offered and you responded to her so I didn't offer up mine. Sorry. So much for calling everyone you know.

Kimberly said...

Yes, I too have a fax machine that is in working order so put that in your notes for the next fax you need to send!

Laurie said...

I'm pushing the "like" button on this one.

Aimee said...

When you get to Utah, just know that I have a fax machine and you are welcome to use it any ole time you want!