Monday, August 17, 2009

Case Closed

Several months ago my neighbor Annie moved. Since she was going to be in a temporary place for a while she brought me her plants so I could tend them while she was transient. I loved the plants and did a half decent job keeping them alive and well.

As we were cleaning our house during our final days in Texas I called my neighbor, Angela, and recruited her to become the plant sitter upon my departure. Meanwhile, a couple days earlier, Annie had called Blaine and asked him to leave her plants with my other neighbor Cheryl. Blaine told me this after I had made ten trips across the street to Angela's house to drop off the plants.

I figured they would all figure it out later since they all see each other all the time.

Flash forward three weeks to my facebook inbox where I have a message waiting from Cheryl.

Cheryl tells me that someone has taken Annie's plants off of her front porch!

Sounds like the neighborhood has really gone to pot since I left, right? But what was Cheryl doing with the plants in the first place?

Let me explain....

about a week after we left Texas I got a call from our future renters asking if they could leave some of their things in our garage to store them until they officially moved in the next week. I was fine with that so Monse (future renter) loaded their stuff in the garage and left the plants outside.

A few days later Cheryl was walking by, saw the plants and figured they were Annie's plants and took them to her house to water and care for.

When Monse officially moved in she noticed her plants were missing and then noticed they were on one of the neighbor's front porches, so she took them back.

Cheryl notices the plants are gone and calls Annie to ask if she picked them up.

Annie had not picked them up.

Hence the hullaballoo.

I loved it! I bet Monse was thinking she moved into a pretty shady hood. I guess Cheryl went over and explained and now things are all settled and the plants remain unscathed at Angela's house.

Oh man...I miss that neighborhood!


Gina said...

That's funny!

JoAnna said...

Okay. THAT is too rich! Send that one in to Reader's Digest.