Thursday, April 8, 2010


Have you heard of Groupon yet? It's a website after the heart of and and I just bought my first groupon. They offer some special deal (today it was a $30 gift certificate for a car detailing place for $9- saweeeeet, we have to turn in our leased car in a couple weeks), and if enough people sign up for the deal it goes through and you print your coupon and life is happy and good. They only offer one deal a day and will send you an email about what the deal is. Anyway, I get a $10 credit if you join, so...uh....join.

And click on this link to do so!

Groupon Link

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Lorie said...

If you love groupon, maybe it could earn you $100,000!!! You got to check this out! Manny told me about it a couple months ago...its pretty hilarious! Don't know if anyone is brave enough to try?