Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

I mentioned a while back on facebeook that I was considering applying for a blogging position. I was really excited about it. I would love the opportunity to earn money from home while Blaine is in school. Well, I never applied. The main reason is because the blog was a homemaking blog. And that's great and all, since homemaking is my full time profession, but...I'm no good at it. As Kayla once noted, I write about the black eyes of homemaking, the epic fails. To be frank, I am kind of tired of that, of being the person who can't do anything.

I mean, I've tried photography. Fail.
I don't dress well. At all.
Can't grow a garden to save my life.
We all know that my handyman skills are dire, and that's being generous.

Everyone who is anyone (or at least anyone who is a stay at home Mom in the Mormon community) is good at something homemakery like. Take for example a small case study of my friends. We've got the photographer, the gardner, the fashionista, the crafter, and finally the decorator/crafter/entrepreneur extraordinaire; it kind of begs the question...what am I contributing to the world?

Well that's about to change folks. I present to you my first first do-it-yourself tutorial.

See I noticed the other day that the bottom of my stools were kind of scratching the wood floor. I knew Laurie, Kayla, Meleah, Ralphie, Janssen et. all would be able to solve this type of problem on their own, using their mad homemaking skills. So I figured it out by myself and took pictures along the way, so I could contribute.

Be edified my friends.

Homemade Floor Protecting Mittens

by: Kristi

First you will want to gather your needed supplies. I decided to repurpose all of the socks from our mismatched sock bucket.

Now, take the sock and place over the leg of the stool. Like so.

When sock is completely over stool leg...

Get a rubber band. Any kind will do. For this project I chose one of Ivy's hair bands.

(that's sparkly blue nail polish from the Easter Bunny, it looks really gross in this picture and I'd be lying if I said it looked better in real life.) Now, be careful here to not snap the rubber band. I found that doubling the elastic around twice, to make an 'x' pattern was very visually satisfying.

And voila! Now not only have you added to the warmth and loveliness of your home, accented your decor (and the random piles of laundry hanging around), but you've also protected your wood floors. And it didn't cost you a dime.

Go and feel validated in your homemakery my friends. I feel like an official crafty Mormon housewife now. Whew!


ashlieaxandike said...

oh my. you are seriously my favorite lately. I feel a lot like you. Everyone is all crafty and happy and look what I can do. We are the real housewives of UT. ;) I haven't even updated my blog since 2009 I think!

Kayla said...

I love you so much.

Freckles in April

Janelle said...

And I love you. Had I wood floors and stool I would definitely follow suit.

Melissa Ash said...

OH.MY.WORD!! I got a great laugh out of this one!! :) I feel the same way. I am the WORST dresser, my home is not very cutesy (I sure try, but don't do very well!), I am not a great crafter, I can scrapbook and that is all i have going for me! This is a great post! Thank you for teh smile today!

Holly and Brad said...

Oh Kristi--I've missed seeing you on here! You know what you're really REALLY good at? Putting a smile on my face (and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that). You make people happy. And that's something that will take you much further than a lot of the mumbo jumbo crafts and what not that takes up so much of my time.

You are great! Keep on being you, because really, that's what makes the world a better place...not silly scrapbook paper chandeliers!!

Strong Family - said...

Needed that laugh today. Thanks!!! :-)

Kristina said...

Hehe! I think this tutorial is as good as some others out there--and WAY more useful than others (i.e. candy corn wreaths that get rained on and make a mess of your front door (I didn't try that one, but saw them all over blogs and knew it couldn't be a good idea)). :)

And you get bonus points for spelling "voila" correctly! Can you tell I have a few pet peeves about blogs? :)

TK said...

You are hilarious. This is one of your best posts ever. Even included step by step photos. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

This post is a keeper.

Janey said...

Love it! Very creative. Can't wait to come see them put to use in your home. :) Oh, and I thought of an amazing homemaking skill you have....YOU CAN COOK a mean meal!

Karina said...

I will be laughing about this all night. You are so friggin awesome, Kristi! I think all the time, I wish I were more like Kristi.

I feel exactly like you do. I am good at what exactly? I even ask Stephen occasionally; he keeps me going for a while.

Stef Bassett said...

hired. you are hired.

love it, miss you guys! :)

Julie Allen said...

Oh Kristi! We miss you down here!

Allisun said...

You are so my favorite! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Can you come do that for my kitchen chairs? It looks to complicated for me. Thanks!

Doug W. said...

Laughed and Laughed. i LOVE you Kris! And so does everyone else, obviously. And for the record, I feel the same way: a tiny bit good at a few things, but not really good at anything. After reading these comments, it sounds like we're not alone.

BUT, your complaint, well, it's just not true and you know it. Well, sure, maybe you're not perfect at the regular Homemaking stuff - other than cooking, of course. The perfect mormon mommy blog is just boring though. You, however, have uncommon talents and abilities... Shall I enumerate? I think so.
You know you're an awesome cook.
You're an awesome writer.
You make everyone laugh and smile, and feel good - people LOVE you.
You are sweet and good hearted.
You are phenomenal with money! (and that is not something the average housewife can say.)
You are fun, and like to do a lot of super fun things all the time!

And that's just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Obviously, I am not alone in my admiration for you. Is that clear? There. Ego stroked. Go on with your day! :)

Doug W. said...

Again. This is from Katie W - not Doug. Man, I hate this signing in thing...

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