Monday, November 8, 2010

Stacy and Clinton

So, my friend Kayla is doing a fashion challenge where she gets to choose 30 items from her wardrobe and only use those thirty items for the next thirty days and she must reconfigure the items to make a new outfit for each day.

I can barely type that without my brain imploding. So I thought I would assess the situation in my closet, and doing so I realized that there is something that you all should know about me. Most of you have probably noticed already, but for those of you with an untrained eye I'll just say it - my entire wardrobe consists of thirteen identical shirts in varying colors.

(not pictured here are the brown and teal shirts, as well as several repeat colors in different sizes. That's right.)


I know, right? Stacy and Clinton are rolling over in their proverbial graves!

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I guess I just found a type of shirt that I felt comfortable in and then.....went for it, really went for it.

I'm not proud of this little fashion crisis of mine, I'm really not. But what is a girl to do? Remember how I lacked a mentor to help me navigate through things like puberty and make-up? Same holds true for fashion, and now I just feel hopelessly lost. So yeah, I will not be taking the 30 day outfit challenge this go around, but there's always next year, right?

P.S. I will totally not be offended if you nominate me to be on What Not to Wear. Here is the link for how to submit my name. I'll even provide the frumpy pictures of myself for you. And I am also willing to fly for this occasion, that's how dire this situation has become.


Kayla said...

You know, it's a leeeettle crazy with the shirts but also don't we all have like..our uniform? For me its the bazillion Hanes v-necks. For you it's the Maurice rainbow.

JoAnna said...

At least they are cute shirts. Trust me, I am in much much worse fashion straits than you.

Jen and Beth said...

I was thinking how sad it is that I don't even HAVE 30 items of clothing to use for that 30 day challenge. How depressing. I need Stacy and Clinton too, or at least that $5000 visa card. On a side note, I once ran into Stacey and Clinton at Riverwoods. All I could think was how embarrassed I was and that they must be thinking how awful I looked.

Brooke said...

Wow. Look at us all alike and everything. All of my shirts are long sleeve and short sleeve down east outfitters shirts in different solid colors. I think that's a fabulous fashion statement, because honestly your clothes will not go out of style nearly as quickly and you love how you look and feel in them, what's not to like! Still loving your blog posts everyday- keep it up!

Christina said...

At 8 months pregnant, I think I'm down to 4 shirts that I like. Which means I have to wear them each twice without staining them or else I'll have to do laundry more than once a week. No easy feat.