Monday, November 1, 2010


It's that time of year again. Rather it's that "day" of the year again. The one where I have to decide whether or not to participate in NaBloPoMo, a month long challenge to blog every. Single. Day. Since doing that this month would quadruple the number of posts I have written in the past year I think it might be a worthwhile challenge.
Gee...I'm kind of pulling a blank here. This could be a long month if I already don't know what to say on day 1!

How about I just tell you three random things? Okay good.

1- LOVING Zumba. Actually no, I just love the gym period! I think I go to the gym for different reasons than most people. It is a little humiliating when the child care center people ask where I will be for the two hours and I say "Well, (*nervous chuckle*) actually I will just be in the hot tub, and then the steam room or... no wait! The sauna, I'll definitely be there......agh, I don't know, I might go to both of those" I may as well add...."anywhere but where people are actually sweating....ewww!" Ha, that's not entirely true. I do go to my zumba class (which I totally looooove!) and every now and again I straddle ye olde elliptical machine. But man, that gym is worth the drive even if I just go there to have my children entertained while I shower (avoiding incidents like these), and the best part is I have to drag my kids kicking and screaming out of the child care center. They freakin' love that place. Many tears are shed by all parties as we drive away from the gym. As a side note, I may have to start working the night shift at 7/11 to cover the cost of the membership, but it is a sacrifice I am completely willing to make. I think having a membership to this place totally would have staved off last years major depressional funk I was in. Just sayin'...

2- Man I sure did a fine job of complaining how miserable I have been the last year, but I have neglected to mention how much better things have gotten since about June. We are loving our new place. Love the house, love the neighborhood, love the ward, love the view, love the carpet, love the high ceilings, love love LOVE IT. Seriously. Within two months of being in this ward I was invited into a BUNKO group (thereby making it official that I am, indeed, a Mormon woman- and incidentally I made my first jell-o today, no joke!), a preschool group, a dinner swap group, and so on. Things are going way better. And aside from loving our new place our new renters have been completely fab. At least I am assuming, I mainly just judge from the fact that they actually pay the rent, and so far my neighbors haven't called to tell me about giant dogs terrorizing the neighborhood children and such. So, I am taking it as a sign. I also like that they have their own website ( I dunno, it's cool. So yes, things are going better (knock on wood). The summer was good to us, now I am just bracing myself for the cold, dark, freezing, abysmal winter....but we'll tackle that when we get there (I'm considering buying a happy lamp, is that weird?)

3- Kindergarten is kicking my can. Seriously. I had no idea it was so hard to have a kid in school. Good golly it's only three hours a day but it is a black hole that is sucking every second of our lives. It's a good thing though, I love to be busy, but I feel like I owe a big fat apology to every one of my friends whose kids started school earlier than mine did. I thought you were lying when you said you were busy. I thought you were big fat stinkin' liars. But I get it now. Sorry dudes. On the other hand Gwen is loving Kinder and learning a lot and has a cute little friend Sam who gives her flower sillybands and gave her a Tinkerbell pez for her birthday. I totally dig Sam and I've never met him, but .... come on! How cute is the five-year-old boy who gives girls flower sillybands at recess. Be still my heart! It's so cute.

Whew good! I managed to eek out three things. I hope my Nablopomo lives to see another day. Maybe I will tell you about the day a few weeks ago where I had to fish Gwen's wallet out of a duck pond. That was excitement I tell you.


G said...

Those full-spectrum lights are awesome. We have one and I really ought to use it here too. (Don't need it as much in TX as we did back in Utah.)

I highly recommend them.

JoAnna said...

Yay!! I'm so glad I get to hear from you more often!!

I totally get the kindergarten time-sucker!! It's insane.

Brooke said...

My mom, brother and sister all use those lamps in the winter an it helps so so so much! Definitely try and see if it helps. I am stoked to read a post from you every day this month!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I made it to the blog! What an honor.

I have been to the gym many-a-time (okay, not that many), for the token work-out followed by the 30 minute uninterrupted shower.

Stef Bassett said...

Kris, you are so funny! Miss ya