Friday, November 19, 2010


Say hello to our most recent family photo!

Notice any glaring omissions? Like, say, our youngest two children?! Yeah. It's been a while. But the good news is that now you can say GOODBYE! To that picture because I WON A MAJOR AWARD from Pointe Digital!

I am beyond thrilled! They do an amazing job! Amazing. Seriously one of my bigger regrets in life is that I got married before they started doing wedding photography/videography.

Pointe Digital is owned and operated by some life long friends of mine, the Orgills. I love the Orgill's! Julianne was my same age and my best friend all growing up. We lived two houses away from each other and there was always something exciting going on at their house. I have vague recollections of her brothers lighting fireworks inside to see if they could make it all the way outside before they went off. See, exciting! Julianne's mom would plan the best birthday parties for her kids too. At Julianne's birthday we were always doing something creative, most notably was the year that we chased a chicken around because she had tied five dollars to the chicken's leg and whoever caught the chicken got to keep the money. They Orgill's had a whole zoo of animals, from dogs to guinnea pigs and chickens and rabbits. I remember they even taught me how to hypnotize a chicken too. They also had the worlds most incredible tree house, complete with a TV inside. I remember many an early evening spent hiding in Julianne's closet because friends weren't allowed over after her Dad got home from work and sometimes I wouldn't make it out in time so I'd have to wait for a prime opportunity to sneak away. When Julianne's older sister went on a mission I remember reading her letters and hearing all about how she had found a little turtle (or frog? or lizard?) or something and kept it in her pocket every day for her whole mission. Cool right? Roseanne would take us toilet papering too. Talk about a cool mom!

The Orgill's are everything a person could hope for in a large family. There are six kids alternating boy/girl/boy/girl all about two years apart. As kids they would all clog in their coordinating outfits at the fair and other functions. They are just so darn cool! Even now they get together and have dance parties and talent shows.

It's my dream really. To have a big, supportive family who all love each other and stay close even as they get older. The kind of family who wants to get together and sing and dance and laugh.

We're off to a fairly rocky start here though. Gwen and Bentley fight like cats and dogs, all day every day. They drive me crazy. Is it their personalities? Their age gap (just three years...but is that too far?), the fact that they are boy and girl? I have no idea where I went wrong, but man I see my dream of our family talent shows in fifteen years going up in a blaze of smoke. So...any ideas for how to make my family more close knit? How to foster love and happiness and reduce the amount of choke holding? I would love to hear fun things your family did together, and things you do together now to stay close.

Anyway, kind of a scattered post but I want you to take three things away from it.

1. The Orgill's are AWESOME.


3. You should have Pointe Digital take your pictures because they do an amazing job! Check out their new website and stay tuned for our photo/video shoot!


G said...

My guess is that it just takes time. My sister and I fought LIKE CRAZY growing up, but now we are BEST FRIENDS!!! I remember something just finally clicked when I was about 13 and she was about 9 or 10 and we just stopped fighting and have gotten along really well ever since.

Kristi said...

I have a girl(5) and then a boy(3). They fight just like yours do. I feel like a failure as a mom. I don't want them around other kids for fear they will do something terrible. I am hoping it is a phase one or both of them are in.
It is almost comforting to know others are having the same issues I am. Though, I hope for both of us it changes soon. :)

JoAnna said...

Oh my goodness I hear you loud and clear!!! Who are those families? What are their secrets? Are they for real? Like those ones where all the kids play an instrument well and together and they have great posture and they don't swear and they...

Well, I guess they say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and, well, this tree is no cloggin'-fiend with a straight back and a clean mouth.


Julie said...

I loved this post because the Orgill's were my second family! I'm pretty sure I spent way more time at their house than I ever did at my own. I love them too!

Jen and Beth said...

Good thing your "Major Award" isn't fra-gi-le!

Rosanne Orgill said...

That is so much fun. I was laughing the whole time reading your post. That is so funny that you had to hide from Joe. One time I had Kathie Harper over, an adult, and Joe came home and she hid in the closet, it was so funny? I loved reading your post about our family. I loved hearing your view of us, it is so funny:) We loved having you and Julie over. Thanks for the compliments but the kids fought all the time:) You are doing great as a mom you only get good at it when they are all grown and gone and you are a grandma then it gets fun:) Keep up the great job, God loves watching too and I know it keeps him smiling:)