Sunday, November 21, 2010

I take and I take and I take

And finally today I got a chance to give back.

I don't want to brag or anything, but I am kind of a big deal in the online deal finding community. That's right! Well, normally I am not, but today I am! Usually I go to sites like freebies2deals, or pinchingyourpennies, or fatwallet and peruse the deals and reap the benefits of buying things at screaming deals. But yesterday on my own volition I went to to check prices on the Barbie movies. Low and behold they were a screaming deal! Some of the movies were as low as $3.50 a piece! Yeah sure normally you can find a Barbie movie here or there for five bucks but ALL of the Barbie movies were in the $4-6 range. So, I thought I would do a favor for humanity and post the deal on the fatwallet forum. And then all of the sudden my email inbox was flooded (well, two emails) from fatwallet saying I won all of these awards and that my deal was one of the hot deals of the day. So yeah, you should go buy a Barbie movie for all of those near and dear to your heart and be sure you go to ebates first so you can get it even twenty cents cheaper ; ). And be sure to check out the "Best Deals" page today on fatwallet...look for the picture of Barbie...and then look for the itty bitty text at the bottom that says "thanks to fatwallet member kadagagaba". That's me, *kadagaba.

*kadagaba is a nickname affectionately given to me in highschool when someone figured out my initials would be kdgb if I married Blaine. Random I know. I stick the d in there so as to not get myself mixed up with the Russian Mafia.


lpickles said...

Well done! And congrats on your "Best. Deal. Ever." badge.

Thanks for posting,

Laura P.

Jen and Beth said...

Already done! My children's stocking will be stuffed with Barbie movies this Christmas. Thanks for sharing that awesome deal!