Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Very well, indeed.

Well, I did it. I finally finished planning the agenda for my birthday. The blessed occasion is in one day less than a month, so really I finished just in the nick of time.

I thought you would all be curious about my plan for the day, so please enjoy the following itinerary...

7:30AM Free Grandslam Breakfast at Denny's (795 calories)

9:15 AM Free Starbucks hot chocolate (330 Calories)

10:00 AM Free bowl of Penne Rosa from Noodles for brunch. (810 calories, wow, could have gone my whole life a lot happier if I had not known that!)

11:30 AM Free sub from Firehouse subs for lunch (690 calories) (not sure which sub to get yet, any ideas?)

12:30 PM Free second lunch from Rubios - free fish taco platter! (700 calories)

2:00 PM Free Early afternoon treat from Coldstone (approximitely 700 calories, depending on mix in)

4:00 PM Free meal at Tucanos for supper(the trick here is going at 4 before it is technically dinner and therefore whatever sap you get to do the "buy one" part so you can "get one free" only has to pay $15 instead of $20) - the calorie count up here is left to my wild imagination, but I'll go with (1300 calories)

6:00 PM Free meal at Benihana - again, only guessing on calories here (900 calories)

7:00 PM finish up the day with a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. (190 calories)

9:00 PM Die of cardiac arrest

And since my caloric intake for the day will be over 6,400 calories I think I will call it quits at that point, and save my free sonic slush, free $15 at the happy sumo, free meal at Rodizio as well as my free burger at Ruby Tuesdays for another day.

I guess I better start kicking my zumba up a notch eh?

A lot of these deals you may want to sign up for before hand, like a month or so before since they mail your postcard. Also a lot of them you can use throughout the entire month of December. So do yourself a favor and eat well during your birth month. Very well, indeed. Oh and when you get your coupons and eat free in your birth month, consider it a little birthday gift from me. Because as we all (especially Ralphie) know, I stink at sending birthday presents. Happy Birthday!

P.S. I totally have a bum email address for all of these places that I only check if I am expecting something. I use this email address for facebook and goodreads too so that I am not bombarded with emails all day long. It's nice having it so I don't get updates from these restaurants for the entire year, but you better bet I will check on it every day in December!

P.P.S. Here's hoping that my parents don't read this post so that when I "treat" them to Benihanas for their birthday they won't know I did it for free.... : ) (Yep, totally signed them up for it).


Janssen said...

Did you sign up for Fuddruckers?

Kristi said...

No ma'am, but give me three seconds and I will be ; )

Aki said...

Oh Kristi I love reading your blog!! I literally always LOL...Just so you know, I will be copying your itinarary and doing the exact same thing so my special day as well....well maybe not the cardiac arrest polynesian blood can take a whole lot think im kidding. LOL.

JoAnna said...

Mm-mm!! But, seriously. How could you pass on the Happy Sumo??!!