Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A dime a dozen.

Everybody is a professional photographer these days, aren't they? I personally know about twenty very awesome photographers. A little known secret about professional photography is that all you really need to be good at it is an expensive camera.

Fork out some cash and you are an insta-pro. Having been one of Granger Highschool's three yearbook photographers, I know a lot about photography. I was a professional back in the days BEFORE photoshop and before digital photogprahy was all the rage. Back when you had to take a decent picture the first time. You only had 35 shots per roll of film and it cost an arm and a leg to get that roll developed. That's raw talent right there. Good photography without being able to see your pictures before printing them and also before the advent of photoshop for the masses.

I mean with advances in technology and what-not, any joe-schmoe can pick up a Nikon D90, snap a picture and have it look ready to print on the cover of Vogue. So surely with my extensive background I ought to be more than qualified to take a professional quality picture if I had the right equipment.

Ralphie is always yammering on about lighting and focal points and *yawn* so on and so forth. She thinks you actually have to try or know a thing or two about taking pictures. I don't dare tell her that it's not that hard because she has spent so darn much time reading about it all. In this day and age all that matters is the equipment.

To prove my point I tried my hand at it. I got a hold of Ralphie's camera during our Mother's Day excursion and took a shot of her and Janssen. I wasn't trying to be artistic, I even broke the cardinal rule of Ralphie's photography and had them say "cheese" (I do that because it drives her nuts). I was just trying to take a nice "here's-Ralphie-and-Janssen-saying-cheese" shot.

And here it is...

I think it turned out quite nicely. Now I just need to spend the money to get one of those fancy contraptions of my own so that I can take photos of this calibur ALL the time.


Marcie said...

LOL Fiddle, that is so funny. Its really not the equipment-- its how you frame/light the picture. Remember the camera I used for Gwen? HAHA who knew. as long as everything is in the frame when you look in the lense, and the object of focus is where the little cross is, you are good to go. :) I love you Fids, you totally made my day!

Janae said...

oh yes you ROCK! It is totally the camera, not the user. Just like how your oven makes FABULOUS chocolate chip cookies.

So when are you getting that camera?

Liz Applegate said...

I just think you needed a different lens ;D!

Also, I am offended that the none of the words twenty very awesome photographers linked to MY website. Grrrr! Just kiddin'. Loves.

BTW, plannin' to come to the reunion?

McCulloch Family said...

sweeeeeeet momma - we need our family picture done and can't find anyone willing, will you do it? :)

reyesohana said...

Thanks for linking me to "very" : )