Friday, May 15, 2009

Potty talk

Speaking of poopy diapers.... is having a sale right now. And since I was in the market for diapers I checked into it, with the sale and the $10 coupon code I am going to give you, and the free's a pretty good deal!

Plus you can get 1% cashback from ebates.

According to babycheapskate a good price for a size 4 diaper is $0.20. The sale has Luv's for $0.19/diaper. Plus if you use the code "krisbass" or my e-mail as a referral code you will get $10 off your order. If you order two packages of luv's your total will come to $65, you'll get $10 off so it will be $55 and you will get free two day shipping and also your price per diaper would be about $0.16. Or you could do as I did and get 1 pack of diapers and 1 double pack of swim diapers ($15). Since apparently you have two children who are not potty trained that double pack will come in handy. Scratch that, three children who are not potty trained. I totally just forgot that I had three kids. Weird. One of them is too little for swimming.

My math might all be wrong on the price per diaper. Maybe I am getting a horrible deal. I don't know and am kind of past feeling. I want diapers. I am quarantined in my house because of Bentley and it seemed reasonable.



Kathrin Paul said...

Remember how I (and apparently many other people) keep telling you that you need to write a book? We're not kidding.

Holly and Brad said...

I hope Bentley is seems like he's been under the weather for a bit now. Is everything okay? Thinking about you guys. Sick kids are no fun...

Jan said...

You forgot you had three kids?
Even I can remember that, and you know, I'm only 1 step away from alzheimers :)