Monday, May 4, 2009


Our friends Todd and Katie are perfect. Katie is beautiful. Seriously, if I could look like anyone I would look like her. And her beauty isn't only skin deep. It runs all the way through, there is not a nicer person in the world than Katie. Not only that but she is talented; plays the guitar, sings, and actually has perfect pitch. Not kidding.

The reason Katie and I became friends is that we were sitting next to each other one Sunday in church (at our BYU married ward) while our husbands were up blessing the sacrament. I was singing SO off key during the sacrament hymn and I looked at Katie, with whom I was sharing a hymn book, and out of embarrassment I started to giggle. Then she did too. Then I started laughing really hard, as did pretty much turned in to full on guffawing by the end of the song. A perfect pitch person sitting next to a tone deaf person, the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We looked up at our husbands who saw the hullaballoo and that made us laugh more. We started to calm down in time for the prayer, but then I heard her snicker in the prayer and that was it. Laughing in the sacrament prayer, it felt so wrong, but it sealed the deal on our friendship!

(PS did you guys know that Ralphie is a really good singer too? What is it with me being friends with really good singers, sheesh).

And Todd is about the most hilarious person ever. Not only that but he can make a person feel really good about themselves. Really really good. Like say you have a blog that you enjoy writing in...if he comes to your house for dinner he might spend the better part of an hour telling you how awesome your blog is and how you should write a book. Then after dinner he'll make you feel really good about the over baked lemon cake that you made. See, everyone needs a friend like that.

Anyway, I've loved Todd and Katie since I first met them. So when we found out they were expecting a little baby boy two weeks before we were expecting our little baby girl, we decided that a betrothal was in order.

So we set it up.

and it ended in tears.

Because it is really important to us that Todd and Katie are a part of our lives forever we tried to set up the betrothal one more time.

But alas....Ivy is so emotional!

But don't worry, in six months we'll try again. Love takes work people.


Janssen said...

Fortunately for you, I have no singing abilities whatsoever, despite being forced to sing a solo nearly every Sunday in primary.

Gretchen said...

Yah, I'm with Janssen. I'm a horrible singer and we're friends, right?