Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too Much Fondue Tuesday

So I haven't been keeping up with my weight/exercise reporting, GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.

Actually, no one gave me any grief about it at all, so uh...you missed your cue. If I miss a day give me grief, send me hate mail, call me fat. This is a team effort people!

Alright, but just kidding about calling me fat, that's just rude.

So... I went faithfully three times but that stubborn scale is still stuck between 133 and 134.

Just so you know though, when I weigh at home it says 129 (sometimes, more often 131 but still a lot less than the gym).

So I'm in a weight loss rut, any suggestions? Perhaps laying off of the Mothers Day fondue? Fine. I'll try.

And just so you know, I have a new gym mantra courtesy of Stacy.

"You've gotta squeeze your buns or else no-one else will!"

And on that note...



Jan said...

You've just reached a plateau, hang in there and don't get discouraged. Keep up the good work. I wish I only weighed 133 :)

Holly and Brad said...

You could always try p90x...its no joke and geared at those who are stuck in a rut, or plateau-ing. It focuses on muscle confusion, and alot of interval training. Its good...I highly reccomend it. One of our friends tried it the other day and vomitted after the first half hour. I'd call that a success ;)

Bart said...

I know. The fondue kept me from losing anything over the weekend. And today I was wearing my heavy shorts (I'm serious - there's a difference of at least 1.5 pounds between my two pairs of exercise shorts), so I'll have to wait until Friday to know how I've done this week.

My suggestion is to start using fitday.com and to consistently stick to a low caloric intake. But that's only if you really want suggestions. If not, I say blame it on the man (the government, not Blaine).

Anonymous said...

I will say this: patience, my friend. Patience. You have put that body of yours through a lot. It's a good body! It will shed those pounds. You are young. Keep trying to eat healthy, while not grieving over the indulgences. Keep going to the gym. And then, forget about it. Your body is doing its best. Give it time. Time!!!


p.s. I am speaking from exactly the same position as you. I was trying on "extra large" shirts that were way too tight yesterday, while once upon a time, 18 months ago, I was a small. I am finally just allowing myself to buy "fat" clothes. Cute fat clothes.

Okay, they were just large shirts. Not extra large. But they were WAY too tight.

The end.