Saturday, May 16, 2009


Garage Sale Deal of the Week

My inclination about twenty minutes ago was to report to you that the garage sales weren't that hot today, but since then I have priced the items I got on craigslist list and...

I got this baby monitor

BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor w. Sound Monitor w. Two Parents' Units

which retails new for $100 and for $50 on ebay (used) . It is still in the packaging, and I paid $10!

And I got a backpack carrier for Bentley! It retails for $160 ($100 on amazon) and I paid $20, it looks brand new!

Kelty KIDS Journey Child Carrier (Cobalt / Silver)

Plus a pair of cute shoes for a buck and pants that are not maternity (that's big) for fifty cents.

And Gretchen got a stroller. Not bad!


TheMoncurs said...

You always do so well at garage sales. I really want one of those backpack carriers!

chelon:) said...

i totally have one of those backpacks that you could have had! i tried selling it but noone wanted it. it is the purple and green kelty kids. oh well! good deals girl :)