Friday, May 22, 2009


Dear Everyone We Know:

We are going to drive from Texas to New York. I know, we're insane, it happens when you have three kids. So uh, according to google analytics some of you blog readers live in those states located between Texas and New York. So, I was wondering if we could stay at your house. Think how fun that would be! We're kind of like a traveling circus! We'll bring our own air mattress and food. You'll hardly know we're there. For reals. We could even just pitch a tent in your yard. Then when you go on a road trip somewhere and need to stay with us you can. Because Texas is so conveniently located that I know you would probably pass through here going wherever you are going (blatant sarcasm intended).




Kenneth and Emily said...

Boston is 4 hours north of New York, but you are totally welcome to come stay with us if you want to extend your trip :)

Thora said...

Hey, I'm your friendly neighborhood blog stalker! Remember, I'm Martha's high school friend? Anyway, I live in Columbus, Ohio, which is definitely between Texas and NY, and you're welcome to stay here! Really. My family NEVER stayed in hotels when we traveled - we always stayed with friends of the family that lived in various places. And sometimes we stayed with grandmothers of cousins that we didn't actually know - but that didn't stop us. And it shouldn't stop you, either.

(You should know though that we only have to bedrooms and a living room. But we could put two of your kids in my girls' bedroom, and you and blaine and Ivy in the living room, or something. We do have a cradle.)

Anyway, I'll stop now - but if you are serious, and don't mind sleeping in odd places, you're welcome to crash at our house.

Karina said...

My friends in St. Clairsville, Ohio, which is right next to the panhandle of W.Va. would gladly have you, I'm sure. But Columbus is just two hours east of them so maybe that's no good.

My cousin lives in Pittsford, New York if you need to stop there.

Also have family in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri if that's on your way.

Ralphie said...


This is news to me and I have no idea when you are going. But if it's before the end of July my mom will still be in Omaha. She would be happy to bunk you all.


julianne orth said...

you are crazy, good luck!

Jennifer said...

I hope you guys have fun! I know we're not REALLY on the way but if you go, say, the northern route or something because you happen to want to see Chicago, you are more than welcome to take a detour to our place.

shanon said...

You can stay at our house. Let's's maybe a mile from my house to yours? That's about as long of a trip as I can take with my kids before I start to wonder "what was I thinking?"

Michelle said...

If you decide to get lost and go the other direction, I am in Ogden! :) Good luck and have fun!

Kristina said...

Hey Kristi,
I'm up in Indiana (about 40 minutes north of Indianapolis and I-70). If it's on the way you're certainly welcome to stop.