Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dignity, always dignity (part II)

The thing about going to garage sales is that you have to maintain your dignity. You're buying people's old stuff. Stuff that is not good enough for them anymore. They are better than you, that's pretty much what you are telling them when you go to their garage sale. So usually it is easy to cower your head, to acknowledge that you want their old, used, useless-to-them stuff. Not me though. I walk with my head held high, I look the seller in the eyes, I shake their hands. I've got pride.

But sometimes as I am leaving their house I step off the curb and into the street, and occasionally the road is a bit further down than I remember so I trip and flail my arms and fall on my face while tossing my new found treasures through the air, and I am left to hobble away with bloody knees, a twisted ankle and a $3 baby bjorn that was (moments before) in like new condition.

Dignity, always dignity.


shanon said...

I have some chic ankle supports you can borrow. I got them when I fell down the stairs and sprained both ankles. That last step is a killer! I did it in the privacy of my garage though, so no audience but my kids. Hopefully you got a good deal at the garage sale!

Gretchen said...

Good deal! Hopefully worth the bloody knees and twisted ankle.

Janae said...

Love it! I wish I could have been there to laugh at you, I mean help you up.

Our ward had this crazy idea to have us deliver special editions of the Ensigns to our neighbors. So we get a list of 6 people. Who I would hardly call neighbors. They live 6 streets away. What am I supposed to say when they come to the door? "Hi, I am Janae and I am your neighbor, well okay I live 6 streets away so we are not techinally neighbors and will probably never see each other again. But please take this Ensign"

So of course Travis puts it off and they keep calling to see if we have done our route. So I decide to do it during the day. I hope they won't be home so I can avoid the above conversation. *I know, I am probably a bad member, and I even went on a mission...sigh*

As I am leaving an Ensign in a door I slip on the ice. I fall hard. When I get in the car Paisley says "Mom you really need to be more careful and watch where you are walking"

Thanks Paisley.

At least they didn't see me fall...I think.

Anonymous said...

So many delightful things about this post. . . where do I begin? A perfectly-worded, hysterical narration, captured in a hilariously dignified tone. Flailing arms. . . hobbling away with bloody knees. . . Dignity. HAAA HAAAA!