Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dead ringer

For those of you who criticize me for never answering my home phone, let me explain.

The ringer is not on.

I turned it on today for ten minutes as I was expecting a call and in that time I got THREE solicitations. THREE in ten minutes. I simply cannot have a phone ringing that often in my house with my three napping children.

Yes, I am on the do not call list.



Wendy said...

Your kids are the best sleepers I know. It seems like they can sleep through anything. Are they just not used to a ringing phone? What is that number anyway? I want it!!

McCulloch Family said...

I am about to change my phone number because of the same thing, it's crazy how often they call here (and I'm on the DNC list too!!!)

Blaine said...

No, Mom, I think you missed the point. That number is useless. We would NEVER pick it up, EVER. It's not even on (except apparently today). I don't even know the number. If we had caller ID it might be different but as long as it is just a telemarketer-ridden line it is much too much trouble to attempt to use it, I'm convinced of that. I guess we could give you the number if you want to talk on that phone during the day when our cell minutes are running low but just realize you would have to call us first and set it up! :)

Rochelle said...

That WAS the story of my life until i canceled my home phone and now we only use cell phones. I figured why pay for a phone so phone solicitors can call me all day (and the occasional ward person asking if I can sub nursery or something:) So now we are home phone free and have been for about 5 years:) We have unlimited minutes on our cell phone though:)

Karina said...

When we moved here and were getting calls like crazy, (and we are on the DNC list too), Steve and I answered them all and immediately told the salesperson, "Please put us on your do not call list." A month later, we were not getting any calls. So nice.