Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are ten open boxes of cereal sitting on my kitchen table.

All the boxes are open and some of the bags, and now the boxes are all skeewhompas (no idea how to spell that one!) since the bags have been removed and shoved back in.

And it is a shame that my camera is broken because I would love nothing more than to take a picture of me sitting on my table in my stinky gym clothes with my ten open boxes of cereal.


Because I just got the worlds best deal EVER on cereal.

I had to make a late night run to the grocery store tonight to get a treat for Gwen's preschool tomorrow. They were having an okay sale on cereal so I got some (five boxes for $7.50) and put them in my cart. I meandered around on over to the produce section where I saw a giant display of the cereal that was on sale. After considering for a moment I decided to get an additional five boxes. But then I noticed something...

On these boxes it said that I could win CASH. Woo hoo, big deal, no one ever really wins, right? But then I noticed it said 1 in 10 boxes had a cash card in it ranging from $5-$25. Hey, I was buying ten boxes, statistics say that I would get at least five bucks, right?

You may not know this about me, but I am such a gambler. Seriously. Not like a poker playing gambler (though I am sure I could get into that if I let myself!), but I love intermittent rewards! It's why I like to do priceline. I could get an awesome hotel, I could get a meh hotel.

So I looked like an idiot picking out my cereal, trying to guess the right boxes that could have MONEY in them. I'm sure I looked like a freak.

So I got my ten boxes (and incidentally a coupon printed out for $2 off of 5 boxes of cereal! HELLO good deal!), and immediately ran home to open them all up, because as I mentioned, I love to gamble.

I got 3 cash cards! THREE! Two five dollar ones and one TWENTY FIVE dollar one. So let's cereal cost me $15 and I won $35. So I made $20 by buying ten boxes of cereal.

Beat that coupon mom.

Actually she probably could...I better watch what I say!

It was so awesome! And apparently I will be using that $35 to purchase a new camera because mine is broken. Grrrr....


Marcie said...

That is probably the COOLEST thing I have heard ALL WEEK!!!

Uncle Zeke said...

Is Mrs. Jan the lady I don't want to be behind, at the grocery store? The lady that brings out the billfold, with several sections of coupons, and proceeds to take up the next two hours, going through the deals to be had? If so, thanks for the warning. I've seen your folks at Smith's on more than one occasion. I'll be sure to steer clear. ;-)

Janae said...

Woot Woot! Awesome! You must be lucky. I know I would get the boxes with no money.

Kristi said...

And because I know you are all curious... inside the box it says odds of winning a $25 are 1/317 odds of winning a $10 are 1/146 odds of winning a $5 are 1/11. It's kind of nice to beat the odds in something besides the odds of getting pregnant while using prevention eh?

That said, just a little reminder that I love IVY JANE : ) She's the best mistake I ever made.

A deal stealing mom said...

I won $5 in a box of Gushers once, and didn't even realize the boxes had $5 giftcards in them until I got home, and one of the 10 boxes I bought had one! I think that is FANTASTIC! Way to make money shopping! That's what makes it so fun!

haley said...

I too, carefully chose my cereal boxes. I opened one, and no cash card. I haven't opened the other yet, silently hoping that when I do, I will be rewarded. I may have to go buy more cereal! (Just checked, no card. Blah.)

JoAnna said...

p.s. I'm the singular vote of "no" in your poll. That sounds like pure hell. You have three very very young kids. Combine that with a super super long car ride and only one adult. Not only no, but he** no!

Jan said...

I remember the good ol days of double and triple couponing. I would take the money I saved with my coupons and save it until I had enough to buy something I really wanted, I bought a velvety bedspread (King size mind you, and some real silver silverware (which I never use because you have to polish the dang stuff.) among other things.

I loved it when Zeke was in back of me in the checkout lines at Smiths, I would actually go through my coupon box three and four times at the check out counter, just to see if I could find more coupons for things I was going to purchase :)