Saturday, December 8, 2007

A flex-spending Christmas

I came up with a great solution today to two of our current problems. 1- How are we going to finance Christmas and 2- What the heck were we thinking putting so much money in our flex spending account this year?

It's a flex-spending Christmas. The only gifts that can be given are those which can be purchased with money from our flex spending account. It's really not such a bad idea, particularly because we haven't purchased medicine at all during our marriage. My mom gave us a first aid kit the Christmas before we got married and we are still going off of that; because even though it has an expiration date, I am not buying that Tylenol actually expires. I'll tell you one thing that hasn't held up so well over the five years, Tums. Definitely someone will be getting Tums this year!

Good thing Gwen really likes bandaids, huh?


Sarah said...

I could use some contact solution! j/k Happy Birthday!

Shauna said...

We had a flex spending Christmas one year! Ahh the joys of a year's supply of bandaids!

Happy Birthday!

Dene' Schiefer said...

GIRL YOU CRACK ME UP!. I enjoyed catching up on your posts and I get a kick out of them. Keep them coming.

and Happy Birthday!

Meleah said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the posts!

kateworthi said...

How did I not know that your birthday is in December? That's so sad. I thought we were good friends...:( I guess I know what kind of friend I really am... I hope you had a good one though. Did you have a flex spending b-day too? Or did you just get $100 worth of Leap Pad books? Ha ha. Love ya.