Thursday, December 6, 2007

A schmuck

I am a schmuck. Seriously. So, for Christmas I decided to get Gwen a "My First LeapPad". I was a little nervous because each individual book for the system was $12.99, but I figured with planning and craigslisting I could get some good deals. I eventually found a slightly used system with four books for $15 on craigslist, sweet! Then I happened to go online and find a great sale on on some additional books. I bought three of them for about $6.50 a piece. I was excited and figured that would be the end of our leapfrog experience.

Last night I logged on to order something else and found that the books were on a great amazing awesome sale for $3.90 a piece, plus when you spent $50 you got free shipping and $5 off your order. I was baffled. Astonished. I had stumbled on a gold mine. I checked walmart ($9.99) and ebay and these things were selling for no less than $10 a pop. I debated for a while. The sale was ending that day. I talked to Blaine about it and explained how I just knew I had made a killer find and could make at least double my money selling these things on ebay.

He wanted to make sure it wasn't a trick. I checked e-bay again, they were selling like hotcakes for WAY more than the $3.90. So I ordered $100 of these books to sell online. It was a brilliant plan. Fool proof.

So today I log on to see what the price went back up to, you know since the sale was going to be over. I log on and find that the main front page was announcing that ALL of the leappad books were PERMANENTLY reduced to the $3.90 and no price adjustments would be made to prior sales. So. . . yeah, now I have $100 of books that I bought at FULL price. Some of them I ordered 2-3 of the same book. No one is going to buy them on ebay or on craigslist. Since people who use those tools also know how to look for the best deal.

I am fuming mad and feel like an idiot. What made me think I could stumble on a deal like this. I guess I could donate them to charity and write it off my taxes. However, I don't think that kids in homeless shelters will have the leapfrog system.

Why me?

P.S. Don't tell Blaine about this, I am working up the courage.


Jennifer said...

Oh Kristi! That totally stinks! Maybe you could sell them for at least what you bought them for to break even. If we ever get a leap pad I'll know where to go to buy my books. Don't worry, all is not lost and it will work out somehow.

Laurie said...

Dang! We only have Disney Princesses and Cars.... so I'll buy some off you. Maybe in exchange for your BOB books.
PS-- can you send me the link for that DVD again, the one with the letter sounds?

Janssen said...

Yikes - what a disaster. I HATE that kind of thing.

Alison said...

I agree you should at least be able to make back what you spent...especialy if you are selling them on craigslist!!

Ralphie said...

Holy Smokes, kid! Maybe you'll make some of it back in shipping costs. Or maybe you'll be giving them as birthday gifts to Gwen's friends until she's 17.
"But, but. I don't even have a Leap Pad."

Sheyenne said...

Seriously, I think you may still be able to sell them on ebay. Lots of people won't know they've gone down. I see Webkinz getting sold on there all the time for more than they cost at the store, so I think some people are just willing to pay for the convenience of having them shipped right to their door vs. having to actually go out to the store and search. I'd give it a try.

Jill said...

I think I just bought Parker one of those for Christmas. I'll have to check and see but if I did, can I buy some of those from you?