Saturday, May 24, 2008

The best days of my life

I am working on cleaning out our garage (yes, I have been working on this for a year--yeah I know, I know, we have only lived here a year). I opened a box and came across my old high school journal. My old Junior High journal has been floating around the house for a while (hence the whole Bryce C. incident), and it is fun to pick up occasionally and glance through. I had to laugh when I opened my high school journal; on the first page there was an index, and I had written

12-9-1998 My very first kiss
1-31-1999 The prophet came to stake conference
2-28-1999 The perfect prom date
7-31-1999 My first "I love you"
8-21-1999 My first complete rejection from someone I love

Wow. That's intense, and just a few short weeks after my first I love you. It was all so sad and traumatic and hard to go through. I wish someone would have told me that life, indeed, was not over; and that things would work out. Whether or not with Blaine, they would have worked out. It wasn't the end of the world, but boy did it ever feel like that.

It was actually a good reality check. Some things seem so big and so hard and so trying at the time but hopefully five years from now I will be able to look back and realize how not a big deal it was. I think we like to call that "eternal perspective".

Anyway, I am sure more will come as I read through my journal (which certainly can't take long seeing as how I only wrote once a month--- at best!). I think my entry about being so sad that Blaine had left on his mission was followed, on the next page, by the entry that I was engaged to Blaine (if only those two years had gone as quickly as that made them seem!).


kateworthi said...

Ha! Teenaeg drama! Isn't is fantastic?! So, I don't get it - was Blaine the one that rejected you? Was it b/c he left on his mission. How sad is it that I am confused... :( Anyway, I love ya, and I'm impressed with your journal writing. Once a month would have been frickin' awesome for me! (I was good in Middle school though.) Sigh - precious memories. It's so fun to reminisce!

kateworthi said...

Sorry my typing and punctuation was all off in that comment - I hope you can still understand it!

Sarah said...

MEMORIES! So fun. I love reading old journals. Except I feel embarrassed for myself most of the time I'm reading.

Joe Speredon said...

I was fortunate enough that are friendship reached it's pinnacle while Blaine was gone on his mission. I had just got back, Dear Johnned and you were waiting for yours. I still remember how fun it was hearing your thoughts on Blaine and trying to understand what he was thinking. It was great insight into the mind of a woman.

Wendy/mom said...

Fun blog for me to read from a mom's perspective. I had no idea Blaine was breaking hearts. I'm sorry! We're just so happy that it all worked out!! One of my all-time favorite pictures is the one of the day B got home from his mission and you two are standing in our hallway. Your smiles speak a million words!
Also, did you go to GHS with Joe Speredon above? Is his sister Kacey? (Rosey played basketball with her but she was really a volleyball star) Just curious.

Joe Speredon said...

JUST AS AN FYI FOR wendy/mom