Thursday, May 29, 2008

If I had a million, er 25 million, dollars!

Okay, I am going to really botch this up but I'll try.... Blaine's uncle works with people and businesses helping them to donate their money wisely to organizations, charities etc. Anyway he worked with a couple in Austin who recently donated twenty five million dollars to UT. So.....Curt (Blaine's uncle) talked to these people and told them how we live in Austin and asked him if he would let us come and tour his house. WOW. So then Blaine's uncle sends me this man's work number and tells me to call to set it up. I am a little nervous because, well..... a) I've never talked to a millionaire (billionaire?) before and b) I hesitate to call Blaine at work, imagine my hesitation to call this guy at work.

Nonetheless, I will do it and I am excited to think that we might be able to meet these guys! Does anyone have any advice for phone etiquette when calling wealthy people? Or any advice for keeping Gwen from breaking anything in his house that would require the rest of our lives to pay back the damages from??


Sheyenne said...

Wow Kristi! What a neat opportunity. Phone manners for rich people? The same as phone manners for poor people. Just be yourself and they'll love you. Rich people really are just like you. But with lots more money of course.

Sheen Family said...

Sounds fun. For the phone call - take a deep breath before, talk slowly (to hide any nerves)and don't talk over them! Other than that - be yourself. Oh - and if they don't have young kids - get a babysitter and make it a date when you tour the house!! You'll enjoy it WAY more!

Jennifer said...

Do you think this guy would want to fund a Masters degree for a very talented car designer?? (We are looking for a sponsor) =)

Sorry, I have no advice. I'd be very nervous too. Super rich people scare me. =)

Bart said...

I agree with Sheyenne. Rich people are usually just like the rest of us. But like Jessica said, it's good to be cool and relaxed.

Also, sometimes they're quite busy, so be discerning how much of their time you use. Make it worthwhile for you and them.

Then again, I've mainly dealt with rich people in business settings. Perhaps they're not quite so focused on time when they're not at work.

Seth and Sierra said...

I would have to pretty much just ditto what everyone else has said about talking to rich people ;)
So, I'm going to have to make you cookies for letting me borrow your kid's toys and helping me out so much since I've been here! You are seriously an amazing person and I'm so glad I've met you.
I think your pictures and the quotes are SO adorable!! You have such a cute family!!