Friday, May 30, 2008

Excellent Question

I couldn't help but notice on today there was an excellent reader question. The question was worded so eloquently, it was like reading a beautiful poem. It was such a beautiful, thought provoking question that I would be remiss to not direct you immediately to the site so you could read it yourself.

Alright, alright, it was my question; and it wasn't that beautiful, but I feel a tiny bit famous being featured on another blog :)

Here it is.


Corbett Family said...

Thanks for your question Kristi. I was wondering about the bottom of my tomato plants too. Just FYI--I have squirrels in my yard and so far I haven't noticed any tomatoes being gone. My sweet 100s are ripe and are still there when I pull them off the vine, but my bigger tomatoes are still green and still there. I also have one pumpkin vine and haven't noticed any of the buds being gone (of course my garden is a bit overtaken by weeds right now, so maybe the critters can't find the fruit)!

TheMoncurs said...

I totally love Backyard Farming. They make me want chickens so bad!!

Melissa Ash said...

Fun! Good advice, too! We are going to plant a garden next year, so this was really good advice. Plus, I am sure I will visit this site regularly when we do start!!!!