Monday, May 5, 2008

In my previous life...

I think my calling in life may be to become a professional dog groomer.

Or there is a slight chance that instead maybe Ralphie's calling in life is to be a photographer. It's got to be one of the two.

Really though....when we took the dogs to get their hair groomed it cost EIGHTY DOLLARS. Gag. I've never spent that much to get my hair done. This haircut (thanks to Sheyenne!) cost me absolutely nothing (unless you count two hours of my time and two outfits now covered in fur, and a really messy kitchen), and it looks nearly as good! And the great news is that as long as I only put photos on here that Ralphie takes you will never know the difference because the girl is a whiz at photoshop!

And it has to be said, Sheyenne is awesome. I sent her an e-mail asking her if I could borrow her dog clippers, thinking that in say a week or two I would mosey over and get them, and before I made it downstairs to get a drink of water she was at the door with clippers. That is a true friend.

In other news, it has been exactly one year today since the Bassett's arrived in Austin. It has gone by really fast! I miss Utah though. Lots. And Oregon. And Minnesota.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Alison said...

hey i hope you are coming to the Girls Night out this week...It's at Tammy Townsend's house and we are doing karaoke!!!

Bart said...

Happy one-year! We're glad you're here! (rhyme unintentional)

Wendy/mom said...

Happy one year!
But we wish you were HERE!!
(rhyme intentional)
I miss you. I just caught up on all you old posts and they are fun.

Shauna said...

Ahh, and I was just thinking how much I miss Texas. We went to see "Pecos Bill" at the Children's Theatre downtown today with our homeschool group and it was so fun to hear all the Texas bragging that it made me miss all y'all. I always tend to miss places and people and forget to enjoy the moment of where I am, though--it's one of my (many) tragic flaws. We'll take you back in Utah any time. Unless we move back to the Lone Star State first, then you have to stay and keep us company. :)

Good job on the dog hair cut, too. You are amazing!

Sheyenne said...

Wow Kristi! Can you do Chester for me? That is one great haircut! Actually, it's much more even than some of the cheap haircuts I get, so maybe you could do me too...
And thanks for touting my awesomeness to everyone. I always try to let people know how awesome I am, but it really helps the word get out when others join in the effort. ;D