Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All I Ever Need to Know About Raising Kids I Learned From...... (by Gretchen)

[Hi, Kristi here, to understand why I love this post soooo much it is vital that you substite "Gwen" every time you see Claire and "Bentley" every time you see Scott. Okay, thanks. Enjoy]


All I ever really need to know about raising kids I learned from.....

Jurassic Park

I suppose you'd like me to explain?

You sit down to watch Jurassic Park for the first time. What do you think you're going to be afraid of?

Tyrannosaurus Rex, right?

You finish watching the movie. What do you actually have nightmares about?


T-Rex is gross and big and scary, but in the end he's easy to outsmart. But those raptors have got the brains.

Let's just say I have myself a little Scott-osaurus Rex. At first glance, I'm sure most people think Scott is something fearsome. He's big for his age. He's loud. Really, really loud. He's a big slobbery mess. He knocks things over. He can be scary in his own right. (It's like he's a two year old little boy, or something.) But in the end, you can usually outsmart him (as long as it's not about getting him to eat what's been served for dinner...)

Meanwhile, Claire comes across on the surface as quiet, polite, and agreeable. Don't be fooled. Just call her the Ve-Claire-oraptor. Trust me, I know the truth. Don't fear the rambunctious child. Fear the calculating child. (I've only blogged about a small taste of the full wrath. I try not to blog about the nitty gritty of all that is Claire because it's almost like I love her or something and don't want to bag on her in public too much.)

In my parenting nightmares, the Scott-Rex goes out and smashes jeeps but the Claire-tor is outside my door with her menacing face pressed against the glass, fogging it up with her vicious snorts. The Scott-Rex will get distracted by something moving on the other side of the room, but the Claire-tor methodically checks fences for weaknesses, baits you with a decoy, and opens doors.


Jan said...

Although Kristi would change the Clair tor to Gwen tor, I would change the Gwen tor to Kris tor :)
Has a definite ring to it, right?
She knows how to open doors and totally wipe things out!!! Right Kris tor?

Anonymous said...

I love Jan's comment. Mwa ha ha ha, Kris-tor. Leave it to Mom. Thanks for the great guest-posts!